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As artificial intelligence continues to make headlines and advance beyond comprehension, it is more important than ever to understand this complex, yet compelling, field. It is vital for business success to adopt AI, and what better way to learn how than to hire a world-leading artificial intelligence speaker?

From generative AI and ChatGPT to data privacy and machine learning, let The AI Speakers Agency’s roster of internationally acclaimed artificial intelligence speakers teach your audience how to best prepare for future technology trends. 

In 2024, The AI Speakers Agency was voted the official no.1 AI speakers bureau to supply the best artificial intelligence keynote speakers for corporate events, summits and conferences.

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Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Joanna Shields

CEO of BenevolentAI & The UK’s First-Ever Minister of State for Internet Safety & Security

Allie Miller

Former Global Head of Machine Learning Business Development, Startups & Venture Capital for Amazon Web Service

Ayanna Howard

C-Founder & Board Member of Zyrobotics & Appointed to the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee

Utpal Chakraborty

Chief Technology Officer at IntellAI NeoTech, Former Chief Digital Officer at Allied Digital Services & Author of ‘Rise of Generative AI and Chat GPT’

Ilya Feige

Global Head of AI and Machine Learning for Cerberus Technology & Former Teaching Fellow for Harvard University

Sam Altman

CEO & Co-Founder of OpenAI & President of Y Combinator

How Do I Hire an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Speaker?

The AI Speakers Agency’s team of experienced booking agents are committed to hiring international experts on artificial intelligence for your keynote speaking engagements – so contact them today to hire an AI speaker!

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How Will an Artificial Intelligence Speaker Benefit My Business?

As AI advances, the best way to understand this complex subject is to hire a world-leading artificial intelligence speaker with The AI Speakers Agency! Our roster of worldwide AI speakers includes experts on everything from ChatGPT and generative AI to data privacy and robotics, meaning they can contextualise the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. After the European Parliament approved the World’s first comprehensive legal framework for constraining the risks of artificial intelligence on the 13th of March 2024, The AI Act, people across the globe are being made aware of the requirements and obligations regarding the use of AI – and what better way to understand the use of AI than by hiring an artificial intelligence speaker?  Hire an AI speaker today!

Who are the Best Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire in 2024?

As the world’s only speakers agency specialising in artificial intelligence, our roster of speakers boasts internationally-renowned experts on AI! Our selection of the most popular speakers is never-ending. The best way to book a world-leading speaker on AI is to contact one of our dedicated booking agents today. Our team is equipped with years of experience hiring artificial intelligence speakers, and are guaranteed to hire the best AI speaker to suit your needs. How about learning more about the intricacies of machine learning with Laurence Moroney, the Lead AI & Machine Learning Advocate for Google? Or how about a speech on robotics with the Founder of Robogals Global, Marita Cheng? Or even a talk on the importance of ethical AI with Dame Wendy Hall? The possibilities are endless!

For further ideas on who the best AI speakers to hire are, check out our exclusive selection of the World’s Official Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire, and hire an AI speaker today!

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When discussing the importance of artificial intelligence, the proof truly is in the statistics. From the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy to the annual growth rate of AI, there are plenty of statistics you can learn from our cutting-edge artificial intelligence speakers! Discover why you should hire a global expert on AI today.

Key AI Awareness Dates

Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day – July 16th

Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on the 16th of July. As the possibilities of AI continue to expand and develop, this awareness day recognises the advancements of artificial intelligence and how it will continue to undoubtedly shape our future. To celebrate the history and accomplishments of AI, hire a world-leading AI speaker for Artificial Intelligence Awareness Day today.

World AI Week – 7th to 11th of October

World AI Week is held annually in Amsterdam and celebrates the global AI ecosystem. With artificial intelligence affecting people across the globe, from all walks of life, World AI Week provides a platform for AI industry leaders, entrepreneurs and academics alike to explore innovative ideas for the future of artificial intelligence. Looking to celebrate World AI Week at your event? Hire an AI speaker for World AI Week today!

National Robotics Week, RoboWeek – 6th to 14th April

National Robotics Week is an awareness event that inspires students and professionals alike with the exciting prospects of robotics and artificial intelligence. The mission of National Robotics Week, otherwise known as RoboWeek, is to inspire students, promote the industry, advocate for research, educate the community and celebrate technology. Hire a robotics expert to showcase the worldwide prospects of artificial intelligence and robotics today.