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Why Should I Hire an Artificial Intelligence Speaker with The AI Speakers Agency?

The AI Speakers Agency are the world’s best, and only, agency specialising in artificial intelligence. We are the first port of call when you are looking to hire artificial intelligence speakers. Working with a range of artificial intelligence experts, from data privacy officers to robotics researchers and AI academics, we supply corporate clients with world-class keynote speakers on artificial intelligence.

As The AI Speakers Agency is a subsidiary of an established speakers bureau, our dedicated booking agents use their 20+ years of experience to supply your event with the very best speakers on AI. Our simple, yet comprehensive, booking process is highly regarded by our clients, which makes The AI Speakers Agency the world’s top supplier of artificial intelligence speakers!

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A Global Network of Artificial Intelligence Experts

The AI Speakers Agency’s global network of AI experts offer deep knowledge and groundbreaking innovations. Their insights into emerging technologies, ethical AI and future trends captivate audiences and inspire industry-wide change. Covering generative AI and ChatGPT, machine learning, robotics, data and privacy, these speakers address trends shaping our world comprehensively.

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Who Are the Best Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire?

The best artificial intelligence speakers are those with significant achievements in AI advancement or those who can comprehensively discuss its future impact. Their expertise provides valuable insights and visionary perspectives.

For expert guidance on selecting the ideal speaker, take a look at our news section for comprehensive guides on the top speakers! Why not explore the World’s Official Top 21 Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire? Or how about learning who the Official Top 10 Women in AI to Hire for Global Events are?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an AI Speaker?

The cost of a keynote speaker on artificial intelligence differs greatly, costing anywhere in the region of £1000 to £80,000. Such variation in prices is based largely on the expertise, credibility and availability of the speaker, with factors such as location and duration also impacting the cost. With the prominence of AI in society only expected to increase, the cost of hiring an AI speaker will undoubtedly be a return on investment with your newfound expertise in artificial intelligence.

To learn more about the cost of hiring a speaker on artificial intelligence, or to learn more about how The AI Speakers Agency secure credible keynote speakers, head to The Process page to discover all! 

Award-Winning AI Speakers Agency

Being a subsidiary of an accomplished speakers agency, The AI Speakers Agency have been the recipient of countless awards and raised millions of pounds for charities that support the world’s most pressing causes. Having been named 57th in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and listed on the London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain, we have been recognised for our innovative business success.

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What is the Impact of Hiring an AI Speaker?

Understanding and anticipating the impact that AI will have on society is crucial. With the UK AI market valued at over £16.8 billion and projected to reach £801.6 billion by 2035, it is already evident just how much the sector is projected to grow and scale. Such growth highlights AI’s transformative power, driving economic expansion and proving a competitive advantage across various industries. 

Hiring an artificial intelligence keynote speaker is truly impactful. An expert speaker can provide valuable insight into AI trends, driving innovation and strategic advantages, essential for staying competitive in this rapidly expanding field. Hiring an artificial intelligence speaker can enhance business outcomes significantly. Industry data proves that by hiring our AI keynote speakers businesses feel inspired to adopt AI, with 70% of those inspired businesses reaping a 25% increased operational efficiency within a year! If you want to boost revenue growth and success via AI-driven innovations, hire an AI speaker with The AI Speakers Agency now!

How Can I Hire an Artificial Intelligence Keynote Speaker?

To hire an artificial intelligence keynote speaker, contact The AI Speakers Agency today! Our team of exclusive booking agents utilise their powerful connections to secure the very best keynote speakers to share their artificial intelligence prowess. 

To contact a booking agent, call directly on 0203 4109897, email agent@ai-speakers-agency.com or complete our online contact form today!