World’s Best Technology Futurists to Hire for Your Event or Conference

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In a world where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for businesses. Discover why booking a technology futurist for your event is the strategic move that can unlock innovation, foster adaptability, and give your organisation a competitive edge in our insightful blog post. Contents: What is a futurist? […]

The Official Top 10 Women in AI to Hire for Global Events

Female AI Speakers

Since its recent inception, the field of AI has already gained a reputation for being “male-dominated”. Accounting for less than 25% of AI specialists, there is a dire need for women to be better represented in this field. Let us understand why and how we must increase female representation in the field of AI. Source: […]

How Will AI Affect Cybersecurity? – Top 10 Industry Thought Leaders To Hire

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Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more dangerous. Data breach recovery, on average, costs $3.86 million and takes 196 days. To tackle this alarming phenomenon, AI and machine learning can be used for threat intelligence, whereby they monitor patterns in data to enable security systems to learn from past experiences, detect threats and rapidly respond […]

The World’s Official Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire in 2023

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As the field of artificial intelligence continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly important to have a personal understanding of what artificial intelligence means for both your professional and personal life. In a world where the adoption of AI is 2.5x higher than it was in 2017 and over 50% of organisations have adopted AI […]

World AI Week: What is World AI Week & How Can It Be Celebrated?

World AI Week

As artificial intelligence continues to increase in use and popularity, with the industry already estimated to be worth more than £16.9 billion, more is being done to integrate it into society and our everyday lives. One of the many ways that AI is being celebrated is through World AI Week, a global awareness week dedicated […]

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Healthcare Industry?

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The healthcare industry has seen a revolution like no other, with each year introducing new developments that accelerate and vastly improve medicine. Like many other industries, the healthcare industry has been greatly impacted by technology, and artificial intelligence in particular. Read our guide below to how the healthcare industry will be affected by artificial intelligence! […]

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Business?

Artificial Intelligence Business

As the years have passed, each decade has seen advancements in technology that have revolutionised day-to-day life. From the first iPhone to the Tesla, there have been countless technological advancements that have made life a whole lot easier. As we entered the decade of the 2020s, the popularity of artificial intelligence has boomed, and it […]

What is Artificial Intelligence & What Role Will It Play in Society?

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Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting modern-day advancements in the realms of technology, with its capabilities continuing to advance beyond comprehension. With the importance of AI ever increasing, it is vital to understand how this revolutionary form of technology will undoubtedly shape society and life forevermore. Here at The AI Speakers Agency, we […]