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How Will AI Affect Cybersecurity? – Top 10 Industry Thought Leaders To Hire

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more dangerous. Data breach recovery, on average, costs $3.86 million and takes 196 days. To tackle this alarming phenomenon, AI and machine learning can be used for threat intelligence, whereby they monitor patterns in data to enable security systems to learn from past experiences, detect threats and rapidly respond to attacks.

Traditional rule-based methods for cybersecurity tend to be reactive, waiting for an attack to happen before it is neutralised. However, AI can detect 95% of threats by observing anomalous behaviour in data allowing it to thwart a cyber-attack before it even occurs. Although there are many benefits to integrating AI into cybersecurity efforts, the rapid evolution and release of pioneering generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, has left many organisations vulnerable to unfamiliar threats and hacks.

Source:  IEEE,WSJ

How Can AI Threaten Cybersecurity Defences?

  • Bad actors can instruct AI to look for exploits and vulnerabilities in an organisation’s cybersecurity system
  • ChatGPT can personalise phishing messages to fool even those trained in email awareness
  • Deepfakes can manipulate visual or audio content to cause stress, fear, or confusion
  • AI algorithms can be used to decipher passwords
  • Training data used by AI algorithms can be poisoned by hackers to influence decisions
  • Biased or incomplete data sets could lead to inaccurate or flawed results

Source: Morgan Stanley, MIT Sloan Management Review

What Are the Benefits of Using AI For Cybersecurity?

  • AI algorithms can promptly analyse substantial quantities of data, identify patterns, and detect anomalies in real time
  • AI-driven endpoint response and detection tools can block and isolate malware and ransomware threats
  • AI allows CISOs to make data-driven decisions and conduct deeper investigations into attacks and vulnerabilities
  • AI can prioritise alerts, significantly reducing the chance of missing critical attacks
  • AI can train employees on cyberattacks by running simulations bespoke to each user

Source: IBM, Forbes

Why Hire an Expert on AI and Cybersecurity?

With the rapid release of AI technology, the threat landscape for cybersecurity has considerably expanded, bringing ever-evolving threats to data and privacy. Organisations are often seen as lucrative targets for cybercriminals, which in conjunction with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks arising from AI, makes it more crucial than ever that they have robust defences. Our expert speakers illuminate audiences on the latest advancements in AI, highlighting the corresponding implications for cybersecurity.

The Top 10 Speakers on AI and Cybersecurity to Hire for 2024 Are Listed Below:

  1. Sarah Armstrong-Smith
  2. Robert Hannigan
  3. Edgar Perez
  4. Ayesha Khanna
  5. Baroness Joanna Shields
  6. Henry Ajder
  7. Daniel Hulme
  8. Maria Axente
  9. Rumman Chowdhury
  10. Walter Pasquarelli

Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Sarah Armstrong-Smith is a pioneer in cybersecurity and crisis management. Renowned for her contributions to the industry as the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft, she is listed on the UK’s Most Influential Tech Leaders 2023. Sarah has also been recognised as a Distinguished Speaker by Microsoft for her unparalleled knowledge of data and privacy.

Before joining Microsoft, Sarah held prominent positions, including Manager of Technology Risk Services at Ernst & Young, Head of Continuity, Resilience, Enterprise & Cybersecurity at Fujitsu, and Group Head of Business Resilience & Crisis Management at The London Stock Exchange Group. She is also the author of Effective Crisis Management and has been named Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity. A highly prized speaker on AI and cybersecurity, Sarah is now available to hire.


“Thank you for presenting at the National Information Security Conference last week. Your presentation was exceptionally well received, and the feedback has been fantastic – thank you for doing such a sterling job (as always).” – Tina, Marketing Manager, Sapphire

Robert Hannigan

Robert Hannigan is a foremost figure in cybersecurity, renowned for spearheading the creation of the UK National Cyber Security Centre. Currently serving as the Chairman of BlueVoyant, his distinguished cybersecurity expertise has seen him work within prominent public and private sector organisations, become a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Centre and advise the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

As the former Director General for Defence and Intelligence for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Robert made notable contributions to British national security, earning him a CMG in the 2013 New Year Honours. He was also praised by former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his transformative work at the Government Communications Headquarters, preparing it for the contemporary challenges of the digital age. An internationally decorated cybersecurity expert, Robert eloquently talks about the implications of AI on cybersecurity during his speaking engagements.

Edgar Perez

Edgar Perez is an internationally renowned cybersecurity expert and author of The AI Breakthrough. Formerly the Vice President of Citi, he is an eminent expert on disruptive technologies such as the metaverse, deep learning, AI, and quantum computing, helping reputable brands integrate them into their business strategies.

Widely respected by his peers, Edgar’s accomplished knowledge in AI and cybersecurity has seen him contribute thought-leadership articles to The New York Times and regularly featured as a guest expert on Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, and FOX Business. A popular speaker on cybersecurity and AI, he has delivered impactful presentations at prestigious venues, including Harvard, MIT, and the Cyber Security World Conference.


“Thank you very much for your participation in Berlin at the European Institute CEO Roundtable. Your presentation was fascinating, a really informative session. The delegates seemed to hang off your every word! We greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us for the event and look forward to working with you again in the near future.” – Karen, European Institute

Ayesha Khanna

Ayesha Khanna, the co-founder and CEO of Addo, is an innovator and globally recognised authority on the responsible use of data and AI. A strategic advisor to governments and many of the world’s leading companies, she is also a highly sought-after speaker on the impact of AI on cybersecurity and known for delivering many acclaimed TEDx Talks.

Holding degrees from Harvard, Columbia and LSE, Ayesha has a solid academic underpinning in emerging technologies. She has also accumulated vast industry expertise as co-founder and Director of Hybrid Reality Institute, Editorial Director of The Economist and Member of the Global Future Council at the World Economic Forum. As a respected thought leader in AI and cybersecurity, she is now a Board Member at NEOM, a pioneering futuristic city project comprised of the world’s brightest minds.


“Please forward our thanks to Ayesha. Her session was amazing and really inspiring for all of us to watch!” – Nidhi, AppDynamics

Baroness Joanna Shields

Joanna Shields is the CEO of Benevolent AI and the UK’s first-ever Minister of State for Internet Safety & Security. A leading expert on cybersecurity, AI, internet safety and technology, she has delivered speeches at prestigious events, including the IoD Annual Conference, the WeAreTechWomen Conference, and the World Economic Forum.

Since graduating from George Washington University, Joanna has held several notable roles, such as Product Manager Director & Division Vice President of EFI, President of People Networks at AOL and EMEA Vice President of Facebook. Joanna was also appointed an Advisor on the Digital Economy by the Prime Minister. Recognised for her profound contributions to cyber safety, she was awarded an OBE and Life Peerage. Now available to hire as a speaker, Joanna captivates audiences with her knowledge of cybersecurity and AI.

Henry Ajder

Henry Ajder is an influential figure in generative AI and deepfakes. The first ‘GenAI Cartographer’, Henry is also the presenter of the BBC’s The Future Will Be Synthesised, delving into the generative AI and deepfake revolution. Moreover, he is a Visiting Researcher in generative AI and AI ethics at The University of Cambridge, a Generative AI Luminary Advisor at EY, and a Member of Meta’s Reality Labs Advisory Council.

An international authority on generative AI and deepfakes, he was recently named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in AI 2023. Henry also regularly appears on international media outlets, including CNN and Bloomberg, to share his thought leadership on AI. A highly prized speaker, he has delivered speeches for notable clients such as Meta, Google, The Economist and Oxford University. Able to eloquently highlight the cybersecurity risks from generative AI and deepfakes, Henry leaves audiences with valuable takeaways.


“Henry’s ability to demystify generative AI and deepfakes is truly exceptional” – The Economist

Daniel Hulme

Daniel Hulme is a revolutionary figure in AI, pioneering AI algorithms to solve the technology industry’s most pertinent challenges. The Chief AI Officer at WPP and CEO of Satalia, Daniel is a highly sought-after advisor who has consulted for renowned institutions, including CognitionX, UAE National AI Strategy, and the UK Home Office. Daniel is also a four-time TEDx speaker, known for talks such as Big Data and Dangerous Ideas and the Impact of AI.

An erudite scholar, Daniel holds a master’s and doctorate in AI from UCL and is the Lecturer and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at LSE. He also held tenure at UCL as the Director of Applied AI MSc and currently sits on the Impact Advisory Board of the University of St Andrews. Able to demystify AI and explore its implications on cybersecurity, Daniel is the perfect speaker to hire.


“Daniel is one of the most engaging speakers out there on the subject of artificial intelligence. He has a natural ability to convey complex technical concepts into an accessible and entertaining format.” – Rob, PwC

Maria Axente

Maria Axente is the Responsible AI & AI for Good Lead at PwC and the mastermind behind PwC’s UK AI Center for Excellence. A thought leader in ethical AI, she is at the forefront of AI public policy and has advised regulators, governments, institutions, and policymakers.

Recognised as an authority on ethical AI, Maria sat on the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence and served as an Advisor for the PHI Institute for Augmented Intelligence. For her distinguished contributions, she was named a 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics, awarded Cogx Outstanding Achievements in Ethical AI and included on LinkedIn’s Top Voices in AI. Sharing her expertise on AI risk in her speaking engagements, Maria helps organisations navigate the complexities surrounding AI and data seamlessly.

Rumman Chowdhury

Rumman Chowdhury is known for her former role as Director of Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency & Accountability at Twitter. Named one of the Five Who Are Shaping AI by Forbes, she is a renowned expert on AI and humanity. Specialising in applied algorithmic ethics, she has established herself as the go-to figure for AI assessments, attracting prominent clients such as Meta, DeepMind, and the European Commission.

In addition to her role as Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center, Rumman is a Chief Scientist at Parity Consulting and co-founder of Bias Buccaneers, a leader in algorithmic bias. She has also served as a Board Member of the UK Center for Data Ethics and Innovation. Recently included on the BBC 100 Women, Rumman is regularly hired for speaking engagements, exploring AI risk, data, and privacy.

Walter Pasquarelli

Walter Pasquarelli is the Manager of AI & Society for The Economist and a foremost expert in generative AI, data governance and AI strategy. An eminent advisor to industry giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta, Walter’s authority in emerging technology is second to none. He is also renowned for leading the first globally focussed AI Index, allowing him to determine the readiness of countries in integrating emerging technologies into their markets and industries.

A highly regarded figure in AI, Walter has held several distinguished roles, including AI Policy Fellow at the University of Bath, Consultant at Open Data Institute and Policy Lead of AI and Data at Oxford Insights. He has also been featured in notable publications such as Forbes, The Economist, and EL Tiempo. Sharing his illustrious expertise on AI and data governance, Walter is a captivating speaker to hire.

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