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The Official Top 10 Women in AI to Hire for Global Events

Since its recent inception, the field of AI has already gained a reputation for being “male-dominated”. Accounting for less than 25% of AI specialists, there is a dire need for women to be better represented in this field. Let us understand why and how we must increase female representation in the field of AI.

Source: Forbes 

How does gender diversity benefit the field of AI?

The importance of gender diversity, especially in leadership roles, has been underscored by its direct correlation with enhanced productivity, profitability, and market value for organisations. Research by Goldman Sachs indicates that companies with boards emphasising gender diversity, particularly women, manifest stronger performances in public markets. Additionally, a study by the Harvard Business Review established that a mere 10% uptick in the women-to-men ratio in Western European companies’ workforce was associated with a 7% surge in market value. Given these compelling findings, it’s evident that women’s increased involvement in fields like AI is not just a matter of equity but also essential for optimising business performance.

Source: Deloitte

What are some ways to increase gender diversity in AI?

  • Support STEM Education for Girls: Counteract stereotypes by introducing girls to STEM early, using initiatives like the Girl Scouts’ STEM education programs.
  • Prioritise Mentorship for Women: Offer mentorship beyond leadership levels, utilising AI apps to connect mentees and mentors, enhancing career clarity and goals.
  • Promote Equal Opportunities: Overcome implicit hiring biases by ensuring diversity in recruiting and committing to a 50% female AI workforce.
  • Implement Gender-Equal Pay: Ensure pay transparency and accountability in AI roles, celebrating and emulating companies that have achieved pay parity.
  • Highlight Female AI Leaders: Ensure equal representation of women in AI discussions and platforms, challenging negative cultural notions.


Source: World Economic Forum

Choose from our incredible roster of the Official Top 10 Female AI Leaders to speak at your next AI event:

Nina Schick

Nina Schick stands as a beacon in the rapidly advancing world of generative AI. As the founder of Tamang Ventures, she has not only carved a niche for herself in the technology sector but has also passionately communicated the transformative powers of artificial intelligence to global audiences. Her magnum opus, ‘DEEPFAKES: The Coming Infocalypse’, holds the distinction of being the first-ever book on AI-generated content, underscoring her pioneering role in this domain. Nina’s wealth of experience, which includes a tenure as NATO Secretary General and significant roles at Rasmussen Global and Hanbury Strategy, has solidified her as a trusted voice on cybersecurity and AI.

Nina’s entrepreneurial journey saw her establishing Tamang Ventures, an entity dedicated to Generative AI, and launching Synthesia, the first AI-to-video generation platform. Her work, heralded by prestigious publications like WIRED, The Times, and MIT Tech Review, positions her as an authority in the intersection of technology and digital disruption. Her predictions, like foreseeing that AI will create over 90% of online content by 2030, resonate with audiences, making her an indispensable keynote speaker. Featured among LinkedIn’s Top Voices in AI 2023 and having delivered influential talks like the TEDx ‘Deepfakes and The Age of Synthetic Media’, Nina Schick is undoubtedly the quintessential choice for those seeking insights into AI’s future trajectory.

Official Testimonial for Nina Schick:

“The highlight of the event” – TEDx Glasgow

Kay Firth Butterfield

Kay Firth-Butterfield is a foremost authority on ethical AI. Rising to prominence as the World’s first Chief AI Ethics Officer, her role as the first Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the World Economic Forum set her apart as a trailblazer in AI governance. As the founding Executive Director of the Centre for Trustworthy Technology, she has emphasised the importance of humanity benefiting equitably from AI when employed responsibly.

A former barrister and judge in the UK, her legal acumen adds a unique perspective to the complexities of AI governance. Positions such as a Master of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple and an Expert Advisor for the All-Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence showcase her multifaceted expertise. As a keynote speaker, she has graced platforms like Singularity University and WIRED, sharing insights on AI ethics and governance. Whether discussing AI in business or advocating for responsible AI adoption, Kay’s voice is indispensable in the AI ethics discourse. Hiring her as a speaker guarantees invaluable insights into the ethical revolution of AI.

Official Testimonial for Kay Firth-Butterfield:

“Kay is simply amazing… She is extremely passionate about protecting people from the potential negative consequences of the use of technology, and it shows in every speech she gives and every article she writes. She is also incredibly well-spoken and very thoughtful in everything she says. It is my pleasure to have worked with her.” – Venkatraman, Digital Technology Leader

Karen Silverman

Karen Silverman, CEO and founder of The Cantellus Group, stands out as an authoritative figure in the realm of emerging technology and AI, especially for her acumen in governance strategies. Globally sought after by a diverse clientele—from Fortune 50 companies to startups—Karen adeptly guides entities through the maze of policy intricacies surrounding AI and emerging technologies. Her remarkable speaking engagements enlighten audiences with the latest insights, combining her vast experience and deep knowledge.

Her professional trajectory, spanning roles at eminent law firms, the US Department of Justice, and two decades at Latham & Watkins, is a testament to her profound expertise in fields like ESG, crisis management, and mergers and acquisitions. Endorsements, such as being named one of the Top Ten Legal Innovators by Financial Times and a Top AI Lawyer in California, amplify her credibility. An active contributor to thought leadership platforms like AI Journal and World Economic Forum’s Agenda, and a recognised voice at prestigious forums like Cogx and the Aspen Institute, Karen’s insights into AI governance are unparalleled. For those seeking a visionary speaker on ethical and responsible AI, Karen Silverman is an obvious choice.

Toju Duke

Toju Duke stands as a beacon of hope and progress in the rapidly evolving world of AI. As the Programme Manager for Responsible AI at Google, her efforts to combat biases in data sets have made her a revered figure in the tech industry. Recognising the importance of representation, she founded Diverse AI, championing minority involvement in AI. Such is her mastery that tech leaders frequently seek her counsel on fostering diversity and inclusion within AI realms.

Her professional journey, from roles in Business Development and Marketing to key positions at Google, highlights her exceptional acumen. At Google, she helms critical diversity projects, ensuring AI products align with the principles of responsibility. Author of “Building Responsible AI Algorithms”, Toju brings attention to the necessity of unbiased machine learning. As an Ethical AI Network Member and an Ambassador for Women in AI, her advocacy for ethical AI is unquestionable. Recent speaking stints at the Surrey and London AI Summits are testament to her influential insights. Available for speaking engagements, Toju is committed to enlightening audiences on the imperatives of crafting inclusive AI and the pitfalls of unchecked biases.

Official Speaking Topics for Toju Duke:

  • Building Responsibly in an AI Driven World
  • The New Era: Embracing AI Technologies in Marketing
  • Thinking Responsibly: The Science Behind Responsible AI Frameworks

Wendy Hall

Dame Wendy Hall stands as a beacon in the world of AI, digital disruption, and as a celebrated female AI leader. The Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, she has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering breakthroughs in hypermedia and multimedia long before the ascent of the World Wide Web. Wendy’s role in developing the Microcosm Hypermedia System, a precursor to today’s ubiquitous internet, solidified her legacy in the tech space. Moreover, Wendy’s role in co-founding the Web Science Research Initiative and her tenure as Co-Chair of the UK Government’s Artificial Intelligence Review highlight her authoritative voice on the societal and technological implications of AI.

As a keynote speaker, Wendy delivers profound insights on the future of AI, discussing its vast potential and potential perils. But beyond her extensive achievements, her inspiring journey serves as a blueprint for women in STEM, showcasing that boundaries in computer science and beyond can be shattered. Recognised with numerous accolades, including the DBE in 2009 and the Anita Borg Award for Technical Leadership, Wendy’s influential voice, especially in speaking about the interplay of AI and democracy, makes her an invaluable asset to the global discourse on digital transformation.

Official Speaking Topics for Wendy Hall:

  • Web Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science

Rumman Chowdhury

Rumman Chowdhury stands at the nexus of technology and humanity as a pivotal figure championing ethical AI. With an impressive trajectory blending data science and social sciences, she specialises in applied algorithmic ethics. As the Chief Scientist at Parity Consulting, she oversees AI assessments and partners with prominent entities like the European Commission and DeepMind, emphasising transparent AI solutions. This proficiency is further bolstered by her role as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center.

Rumman’s educational background, starting from MIT and culminating with a PhD from the University of California, San Diego, has laid a robust foundation for her AI expertise. Her career graph includes critical positions at The World Bank, Accenture AI, and even a stint at Twitter focusing on Machine Learning Ethics. Moreover, as a co-founder of Bias Buccaneers, she ardently tackles algorithmic bias. Recognitions like her inclusion in BBC 100 Women and being highlighted by Forbes attest to her stature in the field. With her in-depth insights and commitment to ethical AI, Rumman is a sought-after keynote speaker, illuminating audiences on the responsible use of technology.

Official Speaking Topics for Rumman Chowdhury:

  • AI
  • AI Ethics
  • Data Science

Allie Miller

Allie Miller stands as a beacon in the realm of AI and digital disruption. As a revered Deep Tech Angel Advisor and Investor, she has carved an esteemed reputation amongst Fortune 500 giants. Entrusted for her profound insights on AI, machine learning, Web3, and blockchain, Allie shapes the strategic direction of corporations, revealing paths in business development and product strategy using cutting-edge technologies. Her investment acumen is evidenced by an expansive portfolio covering realms from healthcare AI to cybersecurity.

Allie played pivotal roles at GoodLux Technology and IBM Watson, with her feats at the latter involving leading IBM’s pioneering multi-modal AI system. Her tenure as Global Head of Machine Learning at Amazon Web Service further illustrates her expertise. As a keynote speaker, Allie mesmerises audiences, speaking on AI’s vast potential and its intersection with business, all while drawing upon her extensive background in cognitive science and human-computer interaction.

Official Testimonial for Allie Miller:

“You were definitely the number 1 star of the whole day, and I’ve heard from numerous sources admiration of your energy, message and insights.” – Global Program Director

Dr Fei-Fei Li

Dr. Fei-Fei Li stands as a paragon in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in the arena of human-centred AI. Recognised by Forbes as one of the leading women in AI in 2020, she holds the position of Co-Director at Stanford University’s Human-Centred AI Institute, tirelessly working to intertwine AI advancements with societal betterment. Beyond academia, Fei-Fei’s vision for inclusivity in AI is evident as the Co-Founder of AI4ALL, where she champions the idea that anyone, irrespective of their background, has the potential to influence the AI landscape.

Esteemed for pioneering ImageNet technology, Fei-Fei has effortlessly translated her profound knowledge into compelling narratives, such as her enlightening TED Talk on teaching computers image recognition. This Sequoia Professor of Computer Science, with accolades like the Athena Award and the IEEE PAMI Thomas Huang Memorial Prize, is not only a decorated academic but an influencer in the technological and policy-making realms, serving on boards of tech giants like Twitter and actively voicing the need for ethical AI usage. As a keynote speaker, Dr. Li’s synthesis of deep technical expertise with a human-centric approach to AI ensures an enlightening experience for her audience. Inviting her to your event promises not just information but inspiration.

Official Speaking Topics for Dr. Fei-Fei Li:

  • AI for Social Good – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Address Global Challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence: a Key to the Future
  • Human-Centered AI

Stephanie Hare

Stephanie Hare, an esteemed authority in the realm of technology ethics and AI, has an impressive track record of advocating for responsible technological advancements. The author of “Technology Is Not Neutral: A short guide to technology ethics”, her work reflects her profound insights on ensuring technology serves society without compromising ethical boundaries. With an educational background from revered institutions like the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and LSE, Stephanie’s professional journey spans roles as the Principal Director of Accenture, Senior Analyst for Oxford Analytica, and Deployment Strategist for Palantir Technologies.

Her acclaimed book, highlighted by the Financial Times as a top summer read in 2022, delves into the pressing issue of leveraging technology for societal good. Beyond her writings, Stephanie’s expertise resonates in her engagements with global giants like IKEA, LEGO, BAE Systems, and the Alan Turing Institute. As a keynote speaker, she eloquently champions the significance of ethics in AI, underscoring the need for a harmonious fusion of innovation and moral responsibility.

Official Speaking Topics for Stephanie Hare:

  • Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Ethics
  • Cyber Security
  • Web3
  • The Metaverse
  • Sustainability

Sue Turner OBE

Sue Turner OBE stands as an emblem of excellence in the fields of artificial intelligence, data governance, and ethics. As the CEO of AI Governance, she has over two decades of rich business acumen that resonates with international audiences. Notably, Sue serves as a Non-Executive Director at Cornish Mutual and holds the Chair of the Board of Directors at North Somerset Environment Company Ltd.

Passionate about inclusivity in tech, her contributions have merited her the OBE award for services to women in technology and AI. Having climbed the corporate ladder, Sue’s journey from the youngest Regional Director of CBI in 1995 to her current role highlights her adept leadership. After an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from the University of Hull in 2020, she embarked on a mission to merge ethics with AI. Garnering acclaim as a transformative AI speaker, Sue Turner is the quintessential choice for events seeking insight on ethical AI practices.

Official Speaking Topics for Sue Turner:

  • AI Ethics
  • Women in Business
  • Technology Trends
  • Executive Leadership
  • Artificial Intelligence

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