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World’s Best Technology Futurists to Hire for Your Event or Conference

In a world where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for businesses. Discover why booking a technology futurist for your event is the strategic move that can unlock innovation, foster adaptability, and give your organisation a competitive edge in our insightful blog post.


What is a futurist?

A futurist, also known as a futurologist or foresight practitioner, is a visionary dedicated to unravelling the enigmas of the future. With unbridled curiosity, they explore what lies ahead. Futurists challenge conventional thinking, all while fostering an unencumbered imagination.

Their role transcends mere prediction as they actively shape the future, sharing their insights with the world through their writings and events. Freed from the constraints of the industrial complex, futurists ignite fresh perspectives and liberate creative thinking. They guide us through uncharted territories, illuminating the path to possibilities others may overlook.

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Why should I book a technology futurist for my event?

Booking a technology futurist is a strategic move with many advantages. Futurists offer invaluable foresight into emerging trends and disruptive technologies, fostering innovation and giving businesses a competitive edge. Their presentations inspire creative thinking, nurturing an innovation-driven culture within organisations.

Moreover, futurists aid in strategic planning, helping companies adapt to the ever-evolving tech landscape and reduce risks. They provide insights into customer behaviour, guiding product and service development. Hosting a futurist enhances a company’s thought leadership and reputation, attracting talent and partners.

Who are the top futurist speakers in the world?

Discover the world’s top technology futurist speakers, primed to offer your business or organisation invaluable insight into the next decades.

1. Laurence Moroney

In the world of artificial intelligence, Laurence Moroney is on a mission to drive adoption. His role as the AI Lead at Google and Senior Fellow of the AI Fund showcases his leadership in scaling AI globally. Laurence’s expertise extends to solving healthcare and environmental issues with AI, making him a renowned keynote speaker on AI, TensorFlow, and machine learning. Laurence is a sought-after authority in the AI landscape.

As a futurist, Laurence Moroney can talk about… how AI will become an integral part of our daily lives if done ethically and inclusively.

2. Nina Schick

Meet Nina Schick, the trailblazing Founder of Tamang Ventures and a leading voice in generative AI. Her impressive journey, from advising global leaders to becoming the author of DEEPFAKES: The Coming Infocalypse, sets her apart in AI. Nina’s TEDx Talk, Deepfakes and The Age of Synthetic Media, with millions of views, makes her a must-see speaker at industry events and conferences.

As a futurist, Nina Schick can talk about… the future risks that deepfakes and other dangerous technologies will pose.

3. Sophia the Robot

Who better to discuss the future of technology than a robot? Sophia The Robot, the world’s first robot citizen, personifies the future of AI. Designed by Hanson Robotics, she’s a platform for AI and robotics research, exploring human-robot interaction and ethics. Make Sophia the Robot your first choice when seeking a real-life robot speaker.

As a futurist, Sophia the Robot can talk about… how robotics will play a vital role in our daily personal and professional lives.

4. Inma Martinez

Inma Martinez, a key member of the GPA’s Innovation & Commercialization of AI Task Group, is a respected figure in digital technology and machine intelligence. With recognition as one of the Top 50 AI Influencers on Twitter, Inma’s diverse career spans roles at Goldman Sachs and Cable & Wireless Plc. She’s a sought-after speaker on the future of AI and technology.

As a futurist, Inma Martinez can talk about… the exciting opportunities of the fifth industrial revolution for businesses and beyond.

5. Dag Kittlaus

Pioneering AI with decades of experience, Dag Kittlaus is the renowned co-founder of Siri and Viv Labs. His innovations, used by billions, have propelled him into high demand as a speaker on AI, machine learning, digital disruption, and entrepreneurship. Dag’s journey, from Siri’s inception to co-founding Viv Labs – later acquired by Samsung – is a testament to his pioneering spirit.

As a futurist, Dag Kittlaus can talk about… the upcoming technological trends businesses must use to outperform their competitors.

6. Dr Kate Darling

A dedicated research scientist at MIT, Dr Kate Darling, emerges as a leading authority in robot ethics. Her path, transitioning from law to a doctorate in sciences, underscores her dedication to bridging the gap between technology and humanity. As a speaker, she unveils profound insights into emerging technology, robot ethics, and the future of AI.


As a futurist, Kate Darling can talk about… how ethics will determine the success or failure of robotic technology and other technological advancements.

7. Tom Gruber

Tom Gruber, the co-founder of Siri Inc., champions a humanistic vision for AI. He emphasises AI’s potential to collaborate with humans rather than compete or replace them. With expertise spanning AI, machine learning, generative AI, and digital disruption, Tom is a valuable speaker on the future applications and implications of AI.

As a futurist, Tom Gruber can talk about… the impact of technology like Siri and his humanistic vision for artificial intelligence.

8. Toju Duke

As the Programme Manager for Responsible AI at Google, Toju Duke is a champion in eliminating bias from AI datasets. Her journey, from various marketing roles to her pivotal position at Google, showcases her unwavering commitment to creating inclusive AI technology. As a speaker, she provides a framework for constructing more representative AI technology.

As a futurist, Toju Duke can talk about… the many moral and ethical pitfalls of artificial intelligence, particularly bias, prejudice and discrimination.

9. Jonathan Brill

Jonathan Brill, the Executive Chairman of the Center for Radical Change, specialises in advising leaders on turning disruption into a strategic advantage. His keen insights on AI, Metaverse, digital disruption, and navigating uncertainty are in high demand. In futurism, Jonathan offers engaging and exclusive previews of future trends across various industries.

As a futurist, Jonathan Brill can talk about… the power of digital disruption and how businesses can use it to their advantage in the future.

10. Henry Ajder

A prominent figure in the realm of generative AI and synthetic media, Henry Ajder, the Presenter of BBC’s The Future Will be Synthesised, underscores his commitment to shaping the future of synthetic media. His role as a lead author of The State Deepfakes 2019 highlights his expertise, making him a sought-after speaker who enlightens audiences on these swiftly evolving fields.

As a futurist, Henry Ajder can talk about… the future of synthetic media and the many pressing dangers of deepfakes.

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