Aishwarya Srinivasan

Former Data Scientist on the Google Cloud AI Services team, Founder of Illuminate AI & Named Trailblazer of the Year by Women in AI 2022

  • Former AI & ML Innovation Leader at IBM Data & AI
  • Ambassador for the Women in Data Science community
  • Named Women of Influence by Business Journal in 2022
  • Spotlighted as a LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 for Data Science and AI

When Aishwarya Srinivasan is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Data Science
Machine Learning

Aishwarya Srinivasan is a renowned figure in the artificial intelligence community, widely recognised for her extensive contributions and achievements in deep learning, statistical machine learning, and reinforcement learning. She has earned her reputation through a series of high-impact roles, including working as a Data Scientist on the Google Cloud AI Services team and as an AI & ML Innovation Leader at IBM Data & AI. In these roles, she has worked on building ground-breaking machine learning solutions, leveraging platforms like TensorFlow, DataFlow, and AI Platform, and conducting intricate research on AI use cases. The Founder of Illuminate AI, a pioneering non-profit organisation, Aishwarya is dedicated to providing resources and mentorship to those aiming to carve out a career in AI, reflecting her commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the field.

The passion Aishwarya harbours for artificial intelligence is not confined to her professional engagements; she is a strong advocate for open-source technologies, contributing to Scikit Learn and serving as a Developer Advocate for renowned platforms like Deepchecks and PyTorch Lightning. Her unwavering dedication and substantial contributions to the AI community have earned her illustrious accolades including the Trailblazer of the Year by Women in AI in 2022 and Women of Influence by Business Journal in 2022. Aishwarya, with her specialisation in AI in Finance, has particularly focused on algorithm optimisation and reinforcement learning, illustrated by her patented award-winning Reinforcement Learning model developed for Machine Trading in 2018.

Aishwarya is a beacon of inspiration and knowledge in the field of AI and data science, holding a post-graduate degree in Data Science from Columbia University and being an ambassador for the Women in Data Science community, originating from Stanford University. With a follower base exceeding 460,000 on LinkedIn, she frequently organises events and conferences to inspire emerging data scientists, spotlighted as a LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 for Data Science and AI. Her extensive work with clients around the globe has seen her travel internationally to places like London, Dubai, Istanbul, and India, reflecting her commitment to global collaboration and knowledge exchange in machine learning research.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Aishwarya is fervently involved in scholastic contributions and is an ardent reader. She actively writes insightful blogs related to machine learning on LinkedIn and Instagram, endeavouring to disseminate her profound knowledge in data science and inspire burgeoning data scientists. Her thought leadership and contributions as a speaker at various conferences exemplify her dedication to fostering enlightenment and progression in the artificial intelligence and machine learning domains, making her one of the most influential and respected voices in the field.

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