Aleksa Gordic

Founder of Ortus AI & Former Research Engineer at DeepMind

  • LinkedIn’s Top Voices in AI 2023
  • YouTube channel The AI Epiphany
  • Former Software Engineer II at Microsoft
  • Former Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Former Software Research Engineer at Federal University of Ouro Preto
  • Former Software Engineer at Telocate GmbH

Aleksa Gordic is the founder of Ortus AI and a leading expert in neural networks, language learning models, multimodal learning, machine learning and deep learning. As a thought leader on AI, he was recently listed on LinkedIn’s Top Voices in AI 2023 alongside Nathan Benaich, Henry Ajder, Nina Schick and Maria Axente. As well as dedicating his YouTube channel, The AI Epiphany, to simplifying the field of AI, Aleksa is also an eloquent speaker who has delivered impactful presentations on the skills needed to advance AI. Passionate about sharing his knowledge, Aleksa is a highly influential figure in AI.

Studying for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Belgrade, he started his career as a Software Engineer at Telocate GmbH, developing an Android app for generating chirp ultrasounds and implementing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth synchronisation modules. In 2018, he joined the Federal University of Ouro Preto as a Software Research Engineer, working on multiple optimisation problems and solving them using heuristic algorithms. Aleksa then became a Software Engineer at Microsoft, Serbia, where he worked on machine learning and as a computer vision engineer on the HoloLens 2.

In 2020, he was elevated to Software Engineer II at Microsoft, focusing on human understanding, extended reality, computer vision, digital image processing and deep learning. Aleksa then moved to the UK in 2021 to start his new position as Research Engineer at DeepMind, working on bringing visual language models to the real world. At the forefront of innovation in AI, Aleksa has been featured in prominent publications such as Forbes and Analytics India. He has also made appearances on notable podcasts, including the London Futurist, Curiosity and AI Stories Podcast.

Deeply passionate about AI, Aleksa regularly shares his knowledge via his YouTube channel and blog. He often writes blogs about the latest developments in the AI domain, delving into machine learning, natural language processing, reinforcement learning and graph machine learning, among others. With an impressive resume behind him, Aleksa has firmly established himself as an expert in AI. Now available to hire for speaking engagements, he enthusiastically reveals the latest insights in machine learning, deep learning and AI.

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