Alex Goryachev

Former Managing Director of Innovation Strategy & Digital Transformation at Cisco & an AI Expert

  • Generative AI Strategy Executive Advisor at Amgen and Dell Technologies
  • Author of Wall Street Bestselling book “Fearless Innovation: A No-Nonsense Guide”
  • Forbes has praised him as ‘one of the world’s top experts on innovation’

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Fearless Innovation: A No-Nonsense Guide
Fearless Innovation: A No-Nonsense Guide

When Alex Goryachev is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The Next Decade of Innovation: How AI & Other Emerging Technologies Will Reshape Our World
Embracing the AI Revolution: Separating Fact from Fiction and Preparing for What’s to Come
From Steam Engines to Intelligent Machines: Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on Business and Society
The Robots Are Coming! Are You Prepared for the Future of Work? How AI and Automation Are Changing the Workforce
Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape: Transformation Lessons from Fortune 100 Companies
AI-Powered Business Transformation: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Operational Excellence & Growth

Alex Goryachev has carved out an enviable niche as a leading strategic advisor, business executive, and expert in AI & innovation on the global stage. His career has spanned influential roles at notable organisations such as Dell, IBM, Pfizer, and Cisco, where he honed his skill in executing digital strategies within substantial corporate structures. As a keynote speaker, Alex brings a wealth of experience to the podium, with over 250 speaking engagements and workshops conducted worldwide. This extensive background not only enriches his presentations but also ensures they are grounded in real-world applications and insights, making him a highly sought-after voice in technology, AI, innovation, and business circles.

In 2020, Alex’s thought leadership in the field was cemented with the publication of his Wall Street Bestselling book, “Fearless Innovation: A No-Nonsense Guide”. Drawing on his 14 years at Cisco, where he managed a $1.1 billion innovation portfolio and founded the Global Innovation Centres, the book offers a practical blueprint for organisations aiming to thrive in the innovation age. Recognition of his expertise comes from no less than Forbes, which has praised him as ‘one of the world’s top experts on innovation’. This distinction reflects his nearly two decades of experience navigating the complex intersections of AI, digital transformation, technology, and business strategy.

Holding positions such as Managing Director of Innovation Strategy & Digital Transformation at Cisco and Generative AI Strategy Executive Advisor at Amgen and Dell Technologies, Alex has delved deep into the nexus of innovation and technology. His current roles, including his membership on the Forbes Communications Council and Board of Advisors at ISO, underscore his pivotal position in shaping the future of innovation. His advisory work with over 500 clients, mentorship of 85 startups, and creation of a global emerging technology network across 14 countries demonstrate his unparalleled expertise in guiding Fortune 500 companies through the intricacies of AI, innovation, and digital transformation.

Besides contributing to prestigious publications like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch, Alex has also shared his insights through a TEDx talk titled “Everyone is an Entrepreneur – The Art of Innovation in Everyday Life”. His ability to demystify complex topics for a broad audience has made him a favoured speaker at technology, AI, and innovation events. Alex Goryachev stands as a beacon of knowledge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, offering invaluable perspectives that businesses and individuals alike would do well to heed. His journey from strategic roles in leading corporations to a celebrated author and speaker encapsulates the essence of modern innovation leadership, making him an indispensable asset to any event focused on the cutting edge of technology and business strategy.

In April 2024 we sat down virtually with Alex Goryachev and discussed the future of AI and how businesses can look to effectively implement it. Watch our Exclusive Interview with Alex Goryachev.

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“Alex has the ability to explain complex problems in easy to understand terms. He is personable and provides a distinct direction and an entrepreneurial spirit to all his work.”


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