Andrea Isoni

Director & Chief AI Officer at AI Technologies and AI Advisor at ISO AI Certification

  • Author of Machine Learning for the Web
  • Former Software Developer Collaborator at Leonardo Software House
  • Former Data Scientist / Financial Analyst at the breakfastclub.xvz
  • Former Data Science Fellow at The ASI
  • Former Data Scientist at
  • Former Associate at Harvey Milton
  • AI Advisor at ISO AI Certification

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Machine Learning for the Web

Andrea Isoni is the Director and Chief AI Officer at AI Technologies, one of the leading consultancies in data-related problems and machine learning. The firm helps organisations unlock the potential of AI solutions and brings pioneering technologies such as deep learning, natural language processing and neural networks into everyday life. Boasting leading clients, Andrea has worked with the Department of Work and Pensions, eezylife, E-NANO and VAIX. An internationally recognised authority on AI, Andrea is a highly demanded speaker, regularly presenting at prestigious events, including Social Media Week London, IDC CIO Summit Dubai and Hack 2021 Saudi Arabia.

Receiving a stellar education at notable institutions, Andrea obtained a degree in Physics from the Universita degli Studi di Cagliari and a master’s in Statistical Physics from Sapienza Universita di Roma. He went on to earn a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Imperial College London, where he worked on the vortex wave interaction theory using computational simulations and theoretical insight equations. In 2008, he joined stelnet as a Software Developer Intern before becoming a Software Developer Collaborator at Leonardo Software House, working on the coordinate transformation algorithm.

In 2015, Andrea became a Data Science Fellow at The ASI, where he received expert-led training and mentoring in machine learning algorithms, data mining procedures, Hadoop, MapReduce and Spark. Having gained advanced knowledge of AI, Andrea joined as a Data Scientist before joining the breakfastclub.xvz as a Data Scientist/ Financial Analyst. In 2016, he co-founded, an app that enables Instagram influencers to access exclusive openings, product launches and charity galas. He joined Harvey Milton as an Associate in 2017 before becoming an Advisor at Antler. Andrea currently serves as an Advocate for Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates and is the AI Advisor at ISO AI Certification.

Sharing his pioneering insights into machine learning, Andrea is the author of Machine Learning for the Web. Representing the next generation of AI innovators, Andreas’ revolutionary work on Brain-Computer Interfaces is making waves in the industry. Having firmly established himself as a prominent figure in AI, Andrea is now highly sought after for speaking engagements, captivating audiences with his industry-leading knowledge of deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

In September 2023 we sat down virtually with Andrea Isoni and discussed his work on brain-computer interface and some of the biggest hurdles companies face when implementing AI. Watch our exclusive interview with Andrea Isoni.

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