Andreas Ekström

Digital Futurist, Author of 'The Google Code' & Named Swedish Speaker of the Year 2019

  • Two-Time TEDx Talk Speaker
  • Awarded Breakthrough Speaker of the Year 2016
  • Author of ‘On Finding’

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Att hitta
Att hitta

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Organic Intelligence
Seven Ways to Own the World
The Power of &

Andreas Ekström stands as a beacon in the landscape of digital futurism and organic intelligence, transforming perceptions about the future through his distinguished roles as a journalist, author, and futurist. He travels the globe sharing revolutionary perspectives on digital societal transformations, notably through his keynote on organic intelligence. This keynote delves deep into the essence of human potential amidst the surging AI revolution. Andreas, with his expert insights, enables individuals and organisations to navigate through the uncharted territories of the digital realm, providing a rich reservoir of knowledge and pioneering ideas to those seeking to comprehend the future dynamics of power and money in a digitising society.

Coined by Andreas, the term ‘organic intelligence’ emphasises the inexorable importance of human intellect and experience in an era increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence. He promotes the continual necessity for human learning, research, and development, spotlighting the quintessence of human capabilities. Renowned for his TED and TEDx talks, Andreas addresses digital equality and moral biases in the digital space, reaching millions with his profound revelations and earning acclaim for shedding light on the often-overlooked aspects of digital evolution. The importance of his ideas is encapsulated in his extensive global reach, with his talks being viewed more than 1.5 million times, unveiling the unseen facets of digital power, knowledge, and money.

Andreas’ eclectic experience extends to corporate spheres, where his transformative content catalyses change on both individual and organisational levels. Celebrated as the Swedish Speaker of the Year 2019, his commitment to revealing digital nuances spans various sectors, including politics, media, and culture. His work as a staff writer at Sydsvenskan Paper and his bestselling books such as ‘The Google Code’ and ‘On Finding’ have enabled a diverse demographic to benefit from his multifaceted knowledge, positioning him as a versatile and influential figure in the world of digital discourse. Andreas’ profound impact is marked by his holistic approach, combining his prolific writing with his eloquent speaking, to distil complex digital concepts into comprehensible insights.

Recognised as an authority in social technology, Andreas Ekström is a sought-after speaker by corporate clients, conference hosts, and event organisers aspiring to provide their audiences with forecasts of the digital future. His influence, woven through over a thousand events across thirty countries, remains indelible and extensive. Andreas aids his audience in fortifying their businesses against the future, offering unparalleled perspectives on the prevailing digital power players of the world. For those yearning for expert futurism insights to discern the trajectories of the digital cosmos, Andreas emerges as the quintessential guide, orchestrating a symphony of enlightened thoughts in a world brimming with unexplored digital melodies.

Official Testimonials

Andreas Ekström is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Andreas was super professional and delivered a thought-provoking, well-thought-out presentation on topics that affect modern life and work, and you could tell he was passionate about the subject. There was humour as well as some sentimental moments that really engaged the audience. It was a fantastic keynote to kick off our event. On a personal level, I really liked working with Andreas – he was approachable, flexible and willing to make adjustments as needed which made it a pleasure to work with him”

Rita, Creston, USA

“Brilliant keynote speaker, really blew my mind. Fascinating topic and brilliant delivery. Thank you” –

Lone, Translator, England

“It turned out great, the crowd was really interested in seeing him and we had a turnout of 600 people from 9 am. His keynote was the opening one at 10 am and then I had a short Q&A with him on stage – we received over 20 questions from the audience for him and we arranged that I will send them to him to build an article for our website in the upcoming days.”

Smaranda, Upgrade 100

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