Andy Pardoe

Senior Scientist at Eharo Ltd, & former Principal Director of Artificial Intelligence at Accenture

  • Honorary Professor at the University of Warwick
  • Founder and Group CEO of the Wisdom Works Group
  • Chair of the Deep Tech Innovation Center
  • Author of “Becoming a Data Scientist”, “AI for Business Leaders” and “AI Strategy for Business Growth”
  • Host of AI Future Show podcast

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Becoming a Data Science
AI Strategy for Business Goals
AI Strategy for Business Goals

Andy Pardoe stands out as an emblem of knowledge and expertise in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology, and innovation. With a commendable career trajectory, Andy is not just a thought leader, but also an inspiring voice that resonates in the AI community, rendering him a sought-after keynote speaker. Chair of the Deep Tech Innovation Center and advisor to the AI documentary Lets Talk About AI, Andy is a leading authority on artificial intelligence.

As the Senior Scientist focusing on AI, Web3 & the Metaverse at Eharo Ltd., Andy has solidified his position as a leading figure in the tech industry. His affiliation as an Honorary Professor at the University of Warwick, combined with his stint as an Associate Fellow at the Warwick Business School, amplifies the depth of his academic and practical insights. Given his recognition as a finalist for the Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2023, it’s clear that Andy’s contributions to the field are not only valued but celebrated.

Having an educational background spanning a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer System Engineering, an MBA in Business Transformation and M&A, and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, all from the University of Warwick, Andy embodies a blend of theoretical mastery and practical prowess. His diverse professional experience across sectors such as finance, retail, media, and health has equipped him with a broad spectrum of insights. Andy’s role as the Founder and Group CEO of the Wisdom Works Group testifies to his commitment to steering businesses towards digital transformation. His literary contributions, including titles like “Becoming a Data Scientist,” “AI for Business Leaders,” and “AI Strategy for Business Growth,” serve as crucial resources for those navigating the AI landscape.

His hosting role on the AI Future Show podcast and his leadership as the Chair of the Deep Tech Innovation Centre further underline his dedication to spreading AI knowledge. With a past role as the Principal Director for Artificial Intelligence at Accenture, Andy has showcased his adeptness at helping organisations harness AI’s immense potential. In addition to his corporate accolades, Andy’s civic contributions as an Expert Advisor at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence and an Advisory Board Member at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire reflect his passion for societal betterment through technology.

With past leadership roles at Friend MTS Ltd., Zenopia Ltd., and Blueheath Holdings PLC, Andy’s managerial acumen is undeniable. His wealth of knowledge, combined with his eloquence, makes him an exemplary choice for events requiring insights into AI’s future trajectory. In summary, if you’re in pursuit of a visionary who can eloquently bridge the gap between AI’s complexities and its real-

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