Angela Oguntala

Founding Partner at Greyspace, Salzburg Global Fellow & Featured on Platforms including Sky, TED & NPR

  • Clientele list includes giants like Google, IKEA, Hermès, Philips, and Microsoft
  • Worked alongside The World Economic Forum and The World Trade Organization
  • Former Head of the Innovation Lab at Eskild Hansen Design Studios

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Angela Oguntala is a distinguished artificial intelligence keynote speaker and founding partner at Greyspace, a foresight and innovation consultancy renowned for its impactful work globally. With a wealth of experience under her belt, Angela has worked tirelessly to help organisations navigate through transitional periods, driving innovation and instilling new mindsets focused on radical experimentation, purposeful innovation, and sustainable transitions. Her impressive clientele list includes giants like Google, IKEA, Hermès, Philips, and Microsoft, as well as influential entities such as The World Economic Forum and The World Trade Organization. Angela’s advisory sessions have also been sought after by top consulting firms like Deloitte and BCG, proving her credibility and influence in diverse industries.

Angela’s speaking engagements have taken her across the globe, where she has delivered over 150 keynotes touching on a wide array of future-facing themes. Topics ranging from emerging technology impacts, leadership, and organisational foresight to sustainability have been covered, showcasing her extensive knowledge and expertise. In addition, Angela has tackled specific themes such as the future of work and the future of healthcare, ensuring that her audience is equipped with invaluable insights, inspiration, and actionable strategies to face the upcoming significant shifts. Angela’s prowess in delivering compelling keynotes has solidified her reputation as a thought leader in artificial intelligence and future planning.

Angela Oguntala’s influence extends beyond her consultancy and speaking engagements; she is also a Salzburg Global Fellow, contributing to a community of leaders tasked with shaping a better world. Her insights and expertise in future thinking have been featured on various international platforms including Sky, TED, and NPR, further amplifying her voice and impact in the global conversation on artificial intelligence and innovation. Angela’s ability to think critically across time, disciplines, and perspectives has positioned her as an authoritative figure, ready to guide organisations and individuals through the complexities of our ever-evolving world.

Despite her extensive experience and busy schedule, Angela Oguntala remains accessible for virtual and in-person advisory sessions, interactive workshops, and customised keynotes. Her approach is holistic and adaptive, ensuring that each engagement is tailored to meet the unique needs of her audience, empowering them to embrace change, innovate with purpose, and prepare for a sustainable future. Angela’s commitment to fostering transformative thinking and her unwavering dedication to helping others navigate through uncertainty makes her an invaluable asset in the realm of artificial intelligence and future planning.

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