Ayanna Howard

C-Founder & Board Member of Zyrobotics & Appointed to the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee

  • Dean of Engineering at Ohio State University
  • Board of Directors for Motorola and Autodesk
  • Named One of America’s Top 50 Women in Tech by Forbes
  • Honoured with a Fellowship from the Institute of Electical & Electronics Engineers

When Ayanna Howard is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

How to Prepare Student for the AI Economy
The Power of AI During a Pandemic
The Future of Work in the Age of AI
Opportunities and Challenges of AI for Businesses
Are We Trusting Our Systems Too Much? Hacking the Human Bias in AI
Robots as Helpful as Health Care Givers
How to Make Robots Smarter- and Why We Should
Bringing Your Whole Self to the Job: Making the World Better Through Engineering and Science
Debunking Myths Around Innovation and Creativity

Ayanna Howard is a treasured robotics and ethical AI expert, best known as the proud Co-Founder and Board Member of Zyrobotics. Respected as an incredibly knowledgeable individual, she is also working as the Dean of Engineering at Ohio State University, a role which allows her to inspire the next generation of successful professionals. Having been named one of America’s Top 50 Women in Tech by Forbes, Ayanna’s vast industry knowledge and experience are admired by professionals of all ages and backgrounds. When looking to hire one of the leading figures in the technology world to attend your future events, look no further than Ayanna today.

With a remarkable set of academic credentials behind her, including a BSc in Engineering from Brown University and a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science, Ayanna gained the incredible opportunity to work for NASA after her studies. Devoting 11 years to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she spent many years developing her industry knowledge and experience before becoming their Senior Robotics Researcher. Admired for her driven mindset and passion towards the industry, Ayanna decided to utilise her knowledge to educate the next generation at Georgia Institute of Technology, where she continues to fulfil the role of Adjunct Professor.

A leading authority in her field, Ayanna is now working as the Dean of Engineering at Ohio State University. Inspiring audiences to enter the advancing world of technology, her ethical AI experience has allowed her to create over 250 peer-reviewed publications over recent years. Alongside her educational career, Ayanna has also become the Co-Founder and Board Member of Zyrobotics, an organisation which provides coding apps to help children learn the basics of coding. A woman of many talents, she has released the award-winning Amazon audiobook Sex, Race, and Robots, whilst also creating the popular podcast Enginuity. Having developed an illustrious career over recent years, focusing on the advancing areas of robotics and ethical AI, Ayanna has become a must-see speaker for audiences at a wide range of events.

Recognised as one of The Most Powerful Women Engineers by Business Insider, Ayanna Howard is now highly sought-after to attend speaking engagements internationally. In recognition of her remarkable career, she was honoured with a Fellowship from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, whilst also being appointed to the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee, an authoritative group which advises the President. Having also become one of two engineers to be elected to the National Academy of Investors, Ayanna has become one of the leading voices in the engineering and ethical AI industry.

Official Testimonials

Ayanna Howard is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“We recently engaged Ayanna to speak at Baker McKenzie’s fourth FutureWorks Global Employer Forum in New York. The audiences comprised of senior leadership from progressive global organisations, and we discussed the megatrends impacting the future of work. Ayanna did a great job speaking plainly and intelligently about AI and its impact in the workplace. She was fantastic at engaging the audience on an otherwise highly technical subject. Our audience was largely inexperienced in this area but very sophisticated in business, and she was able to strike exactly the right tone for communication and to enable a meaningful discussion. We enjoyed working with her from the moment we had the opportunity to speak directly. She was highly responsive, very easy to work with and she completely understood our requirements and exceeded them in every respect. I would highly recommend Ayanna as a speaker.”

Rashi, Lead Knowledge Lawyer, Global Employment & Compensation, Baker & McKenzie LLP

“Ayanna was a great partner to work with for our event. She shared her story in an engaging way that hit on the key points I was hoping her talk would deliver. Her talk was very well received, with many of our employees specifically appreciating the examples she shared. I was looking for Ayanna to provide a motivating and inspiring vision into the future of work for our community, and she definitely delivered that. She was a fabulous addition to the event.”

David, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

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