Ben Nassi

Jacobs Urban Tech Hub Fellow and Postdoctoral Research at Cornell Tech and Recipient of Pwnie Award 2023 for the Best Cryptographic Attack

  • Review Board Member at BlackHat
  • Cyber Security and Machine Learning Principal Research Manager at CBG
  • Former Software Developer at the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs at BGU

When Ben Nassi is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

IoT Devices

Ben Nassi stands as an emblem of expertise in the vast world of AI, technology, and cybersecurity. Currently serving as a Jacobs Urban Tech Hub Fellow and a Postdoctoral Researcher at Cornell Tech, Ben’s esteemed accomplishments have positioned him as an industry leader. Awarded the prestigious Pwnie Award in 2023 for the Best Cryptographic Attack, his trailblazing research has been showcased at premier conferences including S&P, CCS, BlackHat, RSA, Unicomp, and DEF Con, among others.

With an academic background that boasts a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc in Software Engineering, and a PhD in Security and Privacy in the IoT Era from Ben-Gurion University, Ben Nassi’s intellectual prowess is undeniable. The foundations of his illustrious career were laid at Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs, where he functioned as both a Researcher and a Software Developer. Later, his talents were recognised by Google, offering him a coveted internship – a testament to his unparalleled skills.

At CBG as the Cyber Security and Machine Learning Principal Research Manager, Ben channels his decade-long experience in offensive security to further advancements in the field. This experience uniquely positions him as a speaker, adept at illuminating intricate concepts such as secret key and audible speech recovery. His groundbreaking discovery, a technique to detect targeted drone activity, particularly when drones are used for illicit filming, underscores the contemporary relevance of his work.

Ben’s contributions aren’t confined to the academic or professional spheres alone. His insights are frequently spotlighted in renowned publications like WIRED, Motherboard, MIT Technology Review, Ars Technica, and Business Insider. As a pivotal member of the BlackHat Review Board since 2022, Ben further stamps his authority on the field of cybersecurity. His talks, as one would expect from such an accomplished individual, shatter myths surrounding the security and privacy of systems. With eloquence and clarity, he delineates the cutting-edge advances in AI-powered cyber-physical systems, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

For those in quest of a speaker who can brilliantly navigate topics spanning cybersecurity, AI, automotive dynamics, drones, IoT devices, and privacy, Ben Nassi emerges as the quintessential choice. His rich trajectory, punctuated by his roles at Cornell Tech, BlackHat, CBG, Google, and Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs, bears testimony to a career dedicated to innovation, research, and imparting knowledge. Truly, in the realm of AI, technology, and cybersecurity, few voices resonate as profoundly and authoritatively as that of Ben Nassi.

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