Burcin Turkkan

Youngest Female World President at Skal International Official & Founder & President of USEH International Training Services

  • Founder and CEO of New Era Business Innovation and Management
  • First American woman and the youngest woman to be elected as World President at Skal International Official

Burcin Turkkan is a pioneer in the field of AI, business innovation, strategy and operations. Founder & President of the USEH International Training Services, she is utilising her vast experience across varied industries to connect upcoming professionals with opportunities most suited to their expertise. An AI, travel and tourism industry specialist, Burcin’s extraordinary career facilitates her prowess on a slew of subjects, which she shares with her audience when booked as a speaker.

Having worked and lived in six countries throughout her 25 year-long career, Burcin has immersed herself in numerous cultures, equipping her with a global perspective when it comes to business dynamics. She has worked across HR, finance, education, innovation, operations and business strategy disciplines to name a few. She has built a substantial understanding in applying AI to travel and tourism sectors, to improve customer experience, operational efficiency and data-driven strategies.

Founder and CEO of New Era Business Innovation and Management, Burcin helps organisations of all manner to solve complex problems, with the aim that they are able to accomplish their business goals despite the obstacles they are met with. Burcin has also been the World President at Skal International Official, where she was the first American woman and the youngest woman to be elected to such a position.

Burcin’s work in the field of AI and its applications has led to massive transformation in terms of personalised service and data-driven strategies. A prolific speaker, Burcin is able to explain complex concepts in simple ways, ensuring that professionals and businesses can actually implement her teachings. Burcin Turkkan is now available to hire for a wide range of events as a speaker. Enquire now!

In February 2024 we sat down virtually with Burcin Turkkan and discussed her advice for businesses incorporating AI into daily practices. Watch our Exclusive Interview with Burcin Turkkan.

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