Cade Metz

Emerging Technology Reporter for The New York Times & Author of Genius Makers

  • Former Senior Staff Writer at WIRED
  • Former US Editor of The Register
  • Former Senior Writer and Editor for PC Magazine

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Genius Makers
Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought A.I. to Google, Facebook, and the World

Cade Metz is an internationally renowned journalist on emerging technologies. Currently a Reporter for The New York Times, he is a seasoned writer with expertise in AI, VR, robotics, blockchain and autonomous cars. Author of Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the World, Cade demystifies AI, explaining the ground-breaking technology in simplistic terms and revealing the inside story behind the pioneers who turned AI from a concept to a transformative technology. Available to hire for speaking engagements, Cade shares his insights into the technologies shaping the future of humanity.

An eminent writer, before beginning his illustrious career in journalism, Cade earned a BA in English at Duke University, graduating magnum cum laude. Spending his early career as a Freelance Writer, he worked on commissions for Metro Magazine, The Companion to Southern Literature, American Baby and Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopaedia. Alongside his freelance work, Cade also worked as Senior Writer and Editor for PC Magazine, covering computer-related technology, the pioneers who built it and the iconic 1997 chess match between Gary Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue Supercomputer. In 2002 he received the American Society of Business Publication Editors Best Feature Award.

In 2007 he joined The Register as US Editor, running the US bureau’s science and technology news sites, where he covered stories on Amazon, Google, Facebook and Yahoo. He became a Senior Staff Writer at WIRED in 2011, developing expertise in AI, bitcoin, data centres and programming languages. After six years at the notable publication, he joined The New York Times as a Reporter on emerging technologies shaping the modern world. An accomplished writer, Cade has contributed thought leadership articles on AI, recently publishing an article titled How Could AI Destroy Humanity, as well as covering AI godfather Geoffrey Hinton’s departure from Google.

As a foremost technology correspondent, Cade has made media appearances on Marketing AI Institute, Eye On AI Podcast, Deloitte US, The Human Podcast and Tech Seeking Human. Having closely observed the technologies shaping the future over the last 30 years, as well as interacting with the mavericks pioneering that technology, Cade is a highly sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with his industry-leading knowledge on emerging technologies such as AI, VR, blockchain, robotics and autonomous cars.

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