Cha’Von Clark-Joelle

Global Member of Mission Impact Academy & One of the Top 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2024

  • Co-Founder, Co-CEO & Chief Privacy Officer at the TLC Group of Companies
  • Assistant Commissioner & Head of Innovation AI & ET at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda
  • Global Trainer at The Knowledge Academy
  • Certified Prompt Engineer
  • Certified Generative AI Expert

When Cha’Von Clark-Joelle is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

AI ethics and leadership
Data protection
Global technological advancements and societal impacts
Risk Management
Policy Governance
Diversity and Inclusion
Responsible tech innovation
Empowering individuals and inspiring diversity within AI and technology

Cha’Von Clarke-Joell is a globally recognized authority in AI ethics and data protection. Her extensive knowledge and advocacy in these fields have earned her widespread acclaim. With credentials including Certified Prompt Engineer, IAPP, CIPM, and Certified Generative AI Expert, and her role as Director of International Development for Women in AI Africa, Cha’Von is a highly accomplished and influential figure. Her commitment to inspiring and empowering others, coupled with her dedication to promoting diversity in AI and technology, makes her a sought-after keynote speaker.

Cha’Von’s academic foundation is rooted in her BA in Psychology from Temple University and an MA from Kingston University. Her professional journey includes significant roles such as Assistant Commissioner & Head of Innovation AI & ET at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda. These roles provided her with profound experience in privacy, cybersecurity, risk management, and policy governance. Cha’Von’s ability to convey this wealth of experience in her speaking engagements makes her an engaging and informative speaker. Her recognition as one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics for 2024 further highlights her dedication to ethical and responsible AI.

As Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Chief Privacy Officer at the TLC Group of Companies, Cha’Von continually applies her expertise to guide and support others. Her efforts in promoting a culture of privacy, ethics, and innovation are evident through her active participation in global discussions on AI and privacy governance. Her role as an AI and Data Protection Subject Matter Expert allows her to educate and inspire audiences with her deep knowledge and practical insights. Cha’Von’s invitations to prestigious events such as the Global Women Power Summit, Expo in France, and the Nation Digital Summit in Kenya underscore her reputation as a distinguished speaker.

In her keynote speeches, Cha’Von Clarke-Joell captivates audiences with her vision for a technology landscape infused with empathy, idealism, and genuine connections. Her expertise spans all areas of AI and data protection, providing valuable insights to those seeking to understand the ethics of AI and global data protection and privacy. Cha’Von’s profound knowledge and ability to communicate complex topics in an accessible manner make her an exceptional speaker. To gain a deeper understanding of AI ethics and data protection, Cha’Von Clarke-Joell is the ideal speaker to hire.

To enquire about Cha’Von Clark-Joelle for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0207 1010 553.