Christian Kaas

Former Head of Product, Generative AI for Ads at Meta

  • Advisor and Evangelist at Vectice
  • Former Head of Product, Creative AI at Meta
  • Former Vice President of Product & Partnerships at STOIC
  • Former Vice President of Product at Calyx
  • Former Member of the Executive Board at the CITRIS Foundry
  • Former Graduate Student Instructor at UC Berkeley

Christian Kaas is best known as the former Head of Product, Generative AI for Ads at Meta. Working with cutting-edge generative AI technology, he is at the forefront of innovation in advertising and is actively shaping the future of digital advertising with his pioneering contributions. Highly experienced in deep tech startups and early-stage AI, he has commercialised and developed technologies, including bioengineered sensors, AI supercomputers and drone interdictors. Moreover, Christian has led product partnerships for The Foundry, Berkeley’s Engineering incubator for deep technology startups. Sharing his generative AI expertise in speaking engagements, Christian captivates audiences with his pioneering insights.

Receiving a stellar education at leading institutions, Christian holds a BA in Economics from Carleton College, a degree in Economics and Finance from The University of Hong Kong and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. He also attended Harvard University to study for a master’s in Software Engineering. Christian began his professional career working in various Consulting and Leadership roles at notable organisations. In 2014, he joined UC Berkeley as a Graduate Student Instructor and the CITRIS Foundry as a Member of the Executive Board, leveraging science and engineering breakthroughs with the altruistic goal of serving society.

In 2018, Christian became Vice President of Product at Calyx, pioneering bioengineered sensors for commercial applications. He joined STOIC, a workbench that scales to terabytes and can be deployed on any cloud, as Vice President of Product & Partnerships before exiting the organisation as an Investor and Advisor in 2022. Christian also served as Head of Product, Creative AI at Meta and Head of Product, Generative AI for Ads at Meta, establishing and leading the team driving Meta’s investment in generative AI for ads. He is an Investor and Advisor at Fermat, an analytic engine integrated with a high-capacity Flash-based Storage, and an Advisor and Evangelist at Vectice, an innovative tool that helps teams capture and document the data science work they produce.

One of the leading figures in product innovation and AI, Christian has vast expertise in developing technologies shaping the future. Undeterred by complex and intricate technologies, he exceeds expectations to deliver robust solutions and actionable business strategies. Revealing his groundbreaking work with generative AI and the latest industry developments, Christian provides highly engaging speaking presentations, leaving audiences valuable takeaways.

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