Dr Plamen Russev

Founder & Executive Chairman of Webit Investment Network & Goodwill Ambassador for Digital Affairs of Bulgaria

  • Executive Chairman of Webit Foundation
  • Founder of “No Woman- No Panel”
  • Founding member of European Commission’s Blockchain Observatory & Forum
  • Author of “Power to the People”
  • Founder of Founders Games

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Power to the People

When Dr Plamen Russev is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

AI and the future of work
The impact of AI on society
AI in healthcare and longevity
AI as a tool for business success
How to attract talents and opportunities for businesses/countries
Impact Investing as a tool for saving humanity while bringing high profits
How to use AI to identify innovative and impactful human-created ventures
The Investment Oracle – Learn how to identify and fund early-growth stage companies using global collective intelligence.
“How to” guide for 6x return on investment
Succeeding through failures – a data-driven approach to planning and achieving personal and business goals
Entrepreneurship and mindfulness
Mindfulness and business success
Spirituality in business; spiritual practices to enhance business success
Why fear of the future is the worst advisor and how to adapt to the fast-changing reality through mindfulness, spiritual practices and data

Dr. Plamen Russev stands out as a premier choice for an AI speaker due to his extensive background in technology, investment, and social innovation. Over the past three decades, he has carved a niche for himself as a pioneering entrepreneur, insightful investor, and dedicated philanthropist. His multifaceted expertise allows him to draw from a rich well of experiences, making his talks not only informative but also deeply engaging. His ability to articulate the intersection of technology and societal impact resonates strongly with audiences worldwide, who seek to understand the practical applications of AI in various domains.

One of Dr. Russev’s most notable academic achievements is his PhD in Healthcare Management, where he focused on the use of AI and digital solutions to tackle health and social challenges. This academic foundation, combined with his practical experiences, positions him uniquely to discuss the transformative potential of AI. As the Executive Chairman of the Webit Foundation, Dr. Russev oversees the prestigious Founders Games, which annually awards $6 million to groundbreaking innovations. His book, “Power to the People,” further underscores his thought leadership, exploring the nuances of building personal and brand identities in the digital age.

In addition to his role at the Webit Foundation, Dr. Russev founded the Webit Investment Network, which has revolutionised how retail investors contribute to impactful and sustainable ventures. His commitment to societal issues is evident through initiatives like “No Woman- No Panel,” advocating for gender diversity in public forums. Moreover, as a Goodwill Ambassador for Digital Affairs of Bulgaria, he has received numerous accolades, including two Doctor Honoris Causa titles and recognition as one of the top 100 innovators in New Europe. His awards from various governments further highlight his global influence and contributions.

Dr. Russev’s speaking engagements are characterized by his ability to blend personal anecdotes with his professional successes, creating sessions that are both inspirational and educational. His expertise spans a wide range of topics, including AI, impact investing, entrepreneurship, and futurism, making his talks highly relevant to modern workplace settings. His unique perspective and dynamic presentation style ensure that his audiences leave with valuable insights and actionable knowledge. For those looking to delve into the future of technology and its societal implications, Dr. Plamen Russev is an indispensable speaker.

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