Elliot Leavy

AI Mentor at UCL & Founder of Europe's First Generative AI Consultancy ACQUAINTED

  • Guest Lecturer at the London Film School
  • Host of ‘ The ACQUAINTED with’ podcast
  • Former Head of Content at Mesh-AI
  • Former Managing Editor at the AI, Data & Analytics Network
  • Former Tech Editor at Creative Salon Worldwide
  • Founded BOZO
  • Former Editor at MAIZE
  • Former Deputy/Arts Editor at Alt Africa

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Elliot Leavy is a highly influential figure in generative AI, educating schools, brands and businesses about the applications of the pioneering technology. With over a decade of experience in technology, he established Europe’s first generative AI consultancy, ACQUAINTED, and has held many distinguished roles, such as Managing Editor of the AI, Data & Analytics Network and Guest Lecturer at the London Film School. Seeking to disseminate his expertise on AI to the masses, Elliot is a highly sought-after speaker on generative AI, including ChatGPT.

Holding a degree in History from the University of Nottingham, Elliot joined the creative industry as a Junior Copywriter at AKQA, editing and managing press releases, social media and web copy before becoming a Copywriter in 2016. During the same period, he began working as a freelance Ghostwriter, writing articles, guides and books on AI, innovation and deep tech. Elliot joined Ambition School Leadership as a Communications Consultant in 2016 before becoming Deputy/Arts Editor at Alt Africa. An exceptional content creator, he was elevated to the role of Editor at MAIZE, and he founded BOZO, a pioneering arts magazine and platform for writers to contribute their articles worldwide.

In 2019, he joined Contagious as a Staff Writer, followed by the role of Marketing and Comms Manager at EveryFriday in 2021. Elliot then landed the position of Tech Editor at Creative Salon Worldwide, helping to drive business growth with commercial creativity and technology. In 2022, he became a Managing Editor at the AI, Data & Analytics Network, encouraging clients to embrace AI applications for enterprise, before joining Mesh-AI as Head of Content. Having accumulated substantial expertise in AI, Elliot currently serves as an AI Mentor at UCL alongside running his innovative generative AI consultancy and role as a Senior Creative at REDSOFA LONDON.

Rapidly becoming a leading authority on everything related to generative AI, Elliot shares his thought leadership in his podcast, ‘ The ACQUAINTED with’. He is also co-author of Impatto, an innovative mindset book. Now sharing his distinguished expertise on the application of generative AI, Elliot seeks to acquaint audiences with disruptive technology simplistically, demystifying the complexities surrounding AI and giving real-world case studies to leave audiences with valuable takeaways. A popular generative AI speaker, Elliot, is available to hire for speaking engagements.

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