Eric Daimler

CEO, Chair and Co-Founder of Conexus AI

  • Presidential Innovation Fellow, Machine Intelligence & Robotics, 2016
  • Founding Partner at Hg Analytics
  • Assistant Dean & Professor at Carnegie Mellon

When Eric Daimler is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The Unfolding Revolution in Robotics and AI: What it Means for Your Industry 
The “Constant Newbie”: Lifelong Learning in an Ever-Changing World
Augmentation, not Disruption

Eric Daimler stands out as a formidable figure in the intricate maze of AI and robotics. Not only is he the CEO, Chair, and Co-Founder of Conexus AI, but his resume reads like a testament to an individual dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. His dedication isn’t just about advancing technology for its own sake; it’s about empowering communities and individuals to harness AI, ensuring a future that is more prosperous, secure, and sustainable.

Eric’s education speaks for itself. A triple alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University, he holds a BS, MS, and PhD in Computer Science and Economics. This rich academic background formed the foundation of a career that has seen him navigate the high-stakes world of International Emerging Markets Quant at Merrill Lynch and Quant at Morgan Stanley. He has held significant roles, from being the Principal of Comdisco Ventures to donning the academic hat as Assistant Dean & Assistant Professor of Software Engineering Practice at Carnegie Mellon.

In the realm of AI and robotics, Eric’s credentials are indisputable. His selection as a Presidential Innovation Fellow for Machine Intelligence and Robotics during the Obama administration in 2016 underscores his recognition at the highest levels. Whether it’s, which he co-founded and serves as CEO, or his involvement with notable organisations like RightPond and Welwaze Medical, Daimler has consistently been at the forefront of AI innovation.

Yet, it’s not just his achievements that make Eric a sought-after keynote speaker. It’s his ability to bridge the gap between the world of AI and everyday experiences. He resonates with diverse audiences – from Fortune 500 executives deciphering the next big business disruption to farmers considering the possibilities of AI in agriculture. For organisers seeking a speaker who brings a mix of profound knowledge, real-world experience, and an engaging presentation style, Eric Daimler is the ideal choice. His vision for AI is not about machines replacing humans but about coalescing to craft a brighter, more efficient future.

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