Fene Osakwe

Council Member of Forbes Technology Council

  • Recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the Swiss School of Business in Geneva
  • Author of “Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Speed”
  • Named one of the 10 Most Influential Cybersecurity Leaders under 40

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Climbing Corporate Ladder with Speed
Climbing Corporate Ladder with Speed

Dr. Fene Osakwe stands out as a luminary in the world of technology and digital transformation. As a seasoned expert with a comprehensive background in cybersecurity, his insights and leadership have not only earned him a place on the Forbes Technology Council but have also established him as an influential keynote speaker in the tech industry.

From his educational foundations, with a BTech in Computer Engineering from Lautech University to the executive education at Lagos Business School, Fene has continuously leveraged his knowledge to propel organisations forward. His tenure at Deloitte, as a manager providing cybersecurity advisory, laid a solid groundwork for his understanding of diverse industry challenges—from FinTech to oil and gas. Such varied experience makes Fene’s speeches rich with real-world examples, showcasing his ability to navigate and advise on complex cybersecurity landscapes.

His role as Director of GRC & Cyber Risk at IHS Tower and his contributions as a Cybersecurity Mentor for Springboard speak to his commitment to nurturing talent and his hands-on approach in shaping the next generation of tech leaders. Fene’s thought leadership is further underscored by his Amazon bestseller, “Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Speed,” where he shares strategies that help professionals fast-track their careers. The practicality of his advice, coupled with a strategic vision, makes his talks exceptionally motivating.

His ability to blend technical expertise with strategic business acumen earned him an Honorary Doctorate from the Swiss School of Business in Geneva—a testament to his capacity to think beyond the technology to its business applications and impact. This holistic view is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital era and forms a cornerstone of Fene’s keynote addresses. Fene’s slew of recognitions, including the Top 100 Inspiring Global Personalities, the Cybersecurity Excellence award, and being named one of the 10 Most Influential Cybersecurity Leaders under 40, underlines the breadth of his impact. As a mentor, he has guided hundreds, embodying the ethos that advancing others is as crucial as advancing technology.

As a keynote speaker, Fene captivates his audience with a blend of inspirational narratives, tactical career guidance, and a forward-thinking outlook on the role of technology in transforming businesses. His insights are not merely theoretical but are backed by a proven track record of successful implementations and leadership excellence. Booking Dr. Fene Osakwe for your next event guarantees an experience that is not only intellectually stimulating but also rich with actionable insights. His presentations are known for inspiring individuals and organisations to not just set lofty goals but to achieve them with precision and speed.

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