Gianni Giacomelli

Founder of Supermind.Design & Head of Design Innovation, Collective Intelligence Design Lab at MIT

  • Former Senior Vice President of Product Innovation at Genpact
  • Former Head of Strategy, SAP Sustainability Solutions at SAP
  • Former Engagement Director at the Everest Group
  • Former Head of Strategic Business Development at CHL SpA
  • Former Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
  • Former Manager of Consumer Goods Consulting at DataMonitor
  • Former Analyst, Marketing and Consumer Research at Danone

When Gianni Giacomelli is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

AI Augmented Collective Intelligence
Tomorrow’s Solutions Come from Tomorrow’s Intelligence
Building Superminds
Humans and Machines, Not Humans vs Machines

Gianni Giacomelli is at the forefront of innovation in AI, currently tackling environmental and social challenges by harnessing collective intelligence generated by increasingly intelligent digital technologies. A leading innovation expert, he is the founder of Supermind.Design, cultivating innovation in organisations prioritising environmental and social impacts. He is also the Head of Design Innovation, Collective Intelligence Design Lab at MIT, designing digitally-augmented collective-intelligence organisations that allow people and networks to leverage each other. A highly influential figure in AI, Gianni captivates audiences with his groundbreaking work on intelligent machines that identify solutions to the world’s most pertinent issues.

After obtaining a bachelor’s in Economics and Management at the University of Florence, he earned his master’s in Social and Organisational Behaviour at the London School of Economics. Further building on his education, he has since completed programmes at MIT and Harvard University. Gianni began his professional career as an Analyst, Marketing and Consumer Research at Danone in 1993 before joining DataMonitor as a Manager of Consumer Goods Consulting in 1996. He became a Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in 1999, focusing on e-commerce innovation, before joining CHL SpA as Head of Strategic Business Development.

In 2003 he joined the Everest Group as an Engagement Director, helping notable organisations innovate SG&A delivery using technology and new business models. Following that, he became the Head of Strategy and Marketing and later the Head of Strategy, SAP Sustainability Solutions at SAP. Gianni went on to become Senior Vice President of Product Innovation at Genpact, spending over a decade with the company in roles such as Chief Marketing Officer, Product Innovation Leader, Senior Vice President and Business Leader of Digital Solutions, Chief Innovation Officer/ Leader, and Senior Advisor of Innovation.

As a thought leader in innovation and people-machine networks, Gianni is an advisory board member at notable organisations, including KnomAI, Ubuntoo and Digital Gaia. Using AI to find solutions for sustainability, environmental and social innovation, Gianni is pioneering collective intelligence to generate radical innovation that helps networks and people leverage each other. Pushing the boundaries of machine-humans with his cutting-edge research, Gianni shares his insights in AI-enabled real-world transformations in his speaking engagements.

Official Testimonials

Gianni Giacomelli is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“I have the pleasure of collaborating with Gianni at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. His exceptional strategic thinking and forward-looking approach consistently pushed us to explore new frontiers, challenge conventional wisdom, and pioneer groundbreaking solutions. Gianni’s ability to navigate complex challenges and communicate ideas with precision is truly remarkable. He possesses an uncanny talent for synthesizing information and distilling it into actionable strategies, rapidly. Beyond his professional expertise, Gianni is an outstanding collaborator and team player. He creates an open environment that encourages dialogue and fosters innovation. I wholeheartedly recommend Gianni for any leadership role.”

Kathleen, Executive Director, MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence

“The ideal advisor for startups is someone who can help elevate the vision while at the same time outlining a path to practical implementation. That is exactly the value that Gianni brings to us. Since he became advisor to Ubuntoo, the Environmental Solutions Platform, he has provided a constant stream of relevant frameworks and solutions in the space of collective intelligence and knowledge graphs.
As an entrepreneur, it is so easy to be bogged down into day-to-day implementation. Every session with Gianni has not only been very insightful for the short term success but also a much needed peek into the future. That is why he has established himself as a key part of Ubuntoo’s journey.”

Peter, Co-Founder of Ubuntoo

“All good ideas start off as hunches (or if we’re being honest, as bad ideas). It takes a special talent to patiently listen to your bad idea, internalize it, and then help refine it. To polish the lump of coal, as it were. Gianni is such a patient polymath. Thrilled that’s he’s involved in Protagonist.”

Upendra, Director of Insights Generation, Alpha Edison

“Gianni is a charismatic leader with a deep intellect and a passion for people.
His “out of the box” thinking ability was a key driver in designing the direction of CHL’s diversification, motivating the whole company (from other “C” level executives to software programers) to pursue and implement his vision.”

Alex, Market Head of Latin America for Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd

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