Henry Ajder

Presenter of BBC’s ‘The Future Will Be Synthesised’ & One of the Lead Authors of The State Deepfakes 2019

  • Lead of Synthetic Futures
  • Meta Reality Labs Advisory Council Member
  • Former Head of Policy & Partnerships at Metaphsic.ai
  • Published by WIRED, The World AI Summit and NYU
  • LinkedIn’s Top Voices in AI 2023

Henry Ajder is treasured as the proud Presenter of the BBC’s ’The Future Will be Synthesised’. Transforming the world of generative AI and synthetic media resolution, his specialist knowledge and industry experience are utilised by industry-leading organisations such as The House of Lords, Meta, and The European Commission. Widely respected as one of the lead authors of The State Deepfakes 2019, Henry’s insightful research is educating audiences globally on the continuously advancing technology industry. When looking to hire an experienced artificial intelligence speaker to attend your next event, look no further than Henry today.

An inspirational technology professional, Henry is admired globally for becoming one of the lead authors of The State Deepfakes 2019, a case study which focuses on the rise of synthetic media and deepfakes. Valued by professionals and non-professionals throughout society, Henry has gained the opportunity to become the Presenter of the BBC’s ‘The Future Will Be Synthesised’. Alongside this, he is also the Lead of Synthetic Futures, an organisation which is shaping a positive future for synthetic media. Having devoted his recent career to the remarkable world of generative AI, Henry has become a must-see speaker for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Before he developed an illustrious career in generative AI, Henry attended the University of Warwick before securing a Communications and Government Policy Internship at Ipsos. Keen to understand data of all kinds, he became a Strategy Analyst for Freshminds Talent, and later fulfilled the profound roles of Emerging and Internet Technologies Researcher for Nesta, and Head of Research and Threat Intelligence at Sensity. Passionate about AI and deepfakes, working at the world’s first deepfake detection company allowed Henry to develop specialist skills throughout the two years he worked at the company. Recently, he was listed on LinkedIn’s Top Voices in AI 2023, in recognition of his contributions to the developments of AGI.

Now hired as an insightful artificial intelligence keynote speaker, Henry Ajder has previously attended large-scale events such as the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, CogX, and SXSW. With his expertise spanning a wide range of areas, he has been published several times by The World AI Summit, WIRED, NYU, and The Nest Web. Renowned for tailoring his talks to the audience in front of him, Henry is a popular choice for keynote speeches, meetings, and panel discussions. When looking to hire a passionate technology expert to attend your future events, do not hesitate in hiring Henry Ajder today.

In August 2023 we sat down virtually with Henry Ajder and discussed some of the most exciting applications of AI. Watch our exclusive interview with Henry Ajder here.

As a world-leading authority on generative AI and deep fakes, Henry Ajder was officially inducted to the world’s top voted 20 keynote speakers on AI.

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