Ian Beacraft

CEO and Chief Futurist of Signal and Cipher

  • Advisor to industry giants: Samsung, Google, Nike
  • Co-Founder of Cocktails For Hope
  • VP Digital Strategy at Epsilon and Havas Worldwide

When Ian Beacraft is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

How AI and the Metaverse Will Shape Society

Ian Beacraft stands as a beacon in the dynamic world of AI, digital disruption, and technology. With an illustrious career spanning diverse roles, from web development to being the CEO and Chief Futurist of Signal and Cipher, he has consistently showcased his prowess in navigating the intricate maze of emerging technologies. Renowned as an innovation maven, he is ardently passionate about aiding businesses in leveraging quantum AI and web3 to redefine the contours of future work.

Starting with a foundation in Management from DePaul University, Ian began his foray into the digital realm as a Technology Specialist and Web Developer for the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. His journey, characterised by an unyielding drive to innovate, saw him taking on roles like the President of BluPoint Mobile and the Senior District Manager at College Works Painting. This trajectory continued as he became the Marketing Director for Media-Fuse and subsequently delved into new technologies as a Manager at Leo Burnett.

As the Digital Strategy Director for Havas Worldwide, Ian showcased his deep understanding of digital nuances. Later, he further cemented his stature in the industry with his role as Vice President of Digital Strategy at Epsilon. Not just limited to the corporate world, Ian’s versatility is evident from his ventures like Cocktails For Hope, which he co-founded, and his role as the Head of Brand for Update Beverage. Ian has also delivered the TEDx Talk “The Stories We Tell — Rewriting Ourselves Through Technology”.

His advisory capacity has been sought after by giants like Samsung, Intel, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and Nike, proving his mettle as a thought leader in the realm of technology. With the exponential growth in technologies like AI, web3, and metaverse, Ian’s guidance becomes indispensable for companies eager to not just survive but thrive in this landscape. His ability to deconstruct the complexities of the future and tailor them into actionable insights sets him apart. As a keynote speaker, Ian Beacraft brings a mix of profound knowledge and engaging delivery. Covering diverse topics like AI, web3, metaverse, and the future of work, he elucidates on the symbiotic relationship between technology and progress. Book Ian Beacraft today and embark on a journey of technological enlightenment.

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