Ian Goodfellow

Research Scientist at DeepMind, Former Director of Machine Learning at Apple & Listed on MIT Technology Reviews 35 Innovators Under 35

  • Supervised by Yoshua Bengio, one of three godfathers in AI, on his PhD
  • Former Senior Research Scientist on the Google Brain Team
  • Former Research Scientist at OpeanAI
  • Inventor of the generative adversarial network
  • Built a deep neural network for Google Maps
  • Co-author of Deep Learning

Discover Ian Goodfellow’s biography of published work below.

Deep Learning

Ian Goodfellow is one of the foremost experts in AI, currently a Research Scientist at DeepMind he formerly served as the Director of Machine Learning at Apple. Famous for his cutting-edge contributions, Ian is the inventor of the generative adversarial network, a pioneering technology that enables users to generate images using AI. Globally renowned for his work on deep learning and artificial neural networks, Ian is a highly sought-after speaker, sharing the latest advancements in AI in his captivating presentations.

Attending one of the leading universities in computer science, he obtained his BSc and MSc in Computer Science at Stanford. One of the top students in his year, he became a course assistant in machine learning and artificial intelligence alongside his studies. Mentored by one of the godfathers of AI during his PhD in Machine Learning at the Universite de Montreal, Ian was supervised by Yoshua Bengio. During his PhD, he made a series of ground-breaking inventions, including generative adversarial networks, deep-Boltzmann machines, and a faster inference algorithm for spike-and-slab sparse coding.

The distinguished computer scientist joined Google as a Software Engineering Intern in 2013, where he built a deep neural network for Google Maps, capable of automatically transcribing addresses from images captured by Street View cars. Ian also worked on TensorFlow as a Research Scientist before joining the Google Brain team as a Senior Research Scientist. Following that, he landed the role of Research Scientist at OpenAI. Prior to joining Apple as Director of Machine Learning in 2019, he returned to Google for two years.

Having made impactful contributions to machine learning through a series of inventions and improvements to existing technology, Ian is one of the most renowned AI experts in the world. Invited to write a chapter in the standard AI textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, he also co-wrote Deep Learning with Yoshua Bengio. In recognition of his ground-breaking work, he was, included in Foreign Policy’s 100 Global Thinkers and MIT Technology Reviews 35 Innovators Under 35. Now available to hire for speaking engagements, Ian delivers captivating presentations on deep learning, machine learning, generative models, and AI.

Inventor of the generative adversarial network, Ian Goodfellow’s technological breakthroughs in AI have seen him officially inducted to the world’s top voted 20 keynote speakers on AI.

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