Julien Simon

Chief Evangelist at Hugging Face & Former Amazon Global Technical Evangelist, AI & ML

  • Operating Partner at Samaipata
  • Wrote the first French language documentation on Linux
  • Former Director of R&D Mobile Communications at Oberthur Card Systems
  • Former Chief Technical Officer at BlueSky
  • Former Chief Technology Officer at Pixmania
  • Former Chief Technology Officer, Software at Aldebaran Robotic

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Julien Simon is Chief Evangelist at Hugging Face, an AI community, where he meets with influential stakeholders in Fortune 1000 companies, scale-ups and public sector organisations to advise them on machine learning innovation and quicker paths to attain business value. Working with strategic partners, such as AWS, Azure, Intel and Habana Labs, Julien promotes innovative machine-learning solutions. He is also an Operating Partner at Samaipata, a venture capital fund investing in pioneering digital businesses across Europe. As a dedicated AI evangelist, he disseminates blogs and content on deep technical machine learning and attends notable speaking events to deliver highly informative presentations.

An engineer at heart, Julien, obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from ISEP, where he wrote the first French language documentation on Linux. He also holds a master’s in Distributed Systems & Network Protocols from Pierre and Marie Curie University. He began his career as a Research Engineer at ISEP, contributing to research projects and teaching undergraduate-level Computer Science classes. He went on to become a Pre-sales Engineer at British Telecom before landing the role of Embedded Software Engineer at Bosch Telecom. In 1998, he joined Sun Microsystems as an Embedded Software Engineer, working within the ChorusOS group.

In 2000, Julien co-founded Netattitude, a pioneering consulting company focusing on object technologies for embedded systems. Having accumulated substantial expertise in the telecoms industry, he became Director of R&D Mobile Communications at Oberthur Card Systems, leading the development of all telecom products across France, China and the Philippines. He then held notable roles, including Chief Technical Officer at BlueSky, Vice President of Engineering at Digiplug, Chief Technology Officer at Pixmania, Vice President of Engineering at Criteo, Chief Technology Officer, Software at Aldebaran Robotics and Chief Technology Officer at Viadeo.

He joined Amazon as Global Technical Evangelist, AI & ML in 2015, helping organisations and developers bring projects to life on AWS through talks and demos, digital content, deep dive sessions and road map contributions. Julien is also the author of Learn Amazon SageMaker, a well-written guide to deploying machine learning models using Amazon’s pioneering tools. Recognised as an authority on machine learning, Julien has spoken for prestigious institutions, including IBM, Big Data Paris, Intel and AWS. When hired for speaking engagements, he delivers engaging presentations on achieving productivity with machine learning, generative AI, and the future of data-centric AI. Book Julien Simon now!

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