Laurence Moroney

The Artificial Intelligence Lead of Google & Former Senior Developer Evangelist for Microsoft

  • Advocate of AI & Machine Learning for Google
  • Senior Fellow of the AI Fund & Member of the Board of Advisors for The AI Summit
  • Former Product Manager of Microsoft
  • Former Director of Technology Evangelism for Mainsoft
  • Former Senior Architect for Reuters

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AI & Machine Learning for Coders: A Guide to Programmer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence
AI & Machine Learning for Coders: A Guide to Programmer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence
AI & Machine Learning for On-Device Development
AI & Machine Learning for On-Device Development

When Laurence Moroney is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Machine Learning
Machine Learning Training
Artificial Intelligence
AI for All

Laurence Moroney is on a mission to increase the adoption of AI, renowned in his current role as the AI Lead of Google. As the Lead AI & Machine Learning Advocate for Google, Laurence is commended for growing a developer ecosystem that is dedicated to scaling the world with artificial intelligence. Also working as a Senior Fellow of the AI Fund, Laurence is an expert on solving healthcare and environmental issues with AI. Now hired as a revered keynote speaker on artificial intelligence, Laurence can cover the topics of AI for all, TensorFlow and machine learning in his acclaimed keynote speeches.

Beginning his career as a Product Manager for Vicon Industries, Laurence was later appointed to work with the first large company that decorates his stellar CV, becoming a Senior Architect for Reuters in 2000. Working with Reuters for over four years, Laurence began to foster his now illustrious reputation as a technologist. He has since worked as the Director of Technology Evangelism for Mainsoft, a Senior Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and a Product Manager for Microsoft. During his tenure working for Microsoft, Laurence was responsible for Silverlight advocacy, leading the Microsoft WebMatrix and Microsoft Web Platform, along with developing his knowledge in cloud computing, mobile applications and web services.

Becoming a passionate advocate for artificial intelligence when he joined Google in 2013, Laurence has established a reputation for inspiring the world with the possibilities of artificial intelligence. In addition to his role as an AI advocate, Laurence has also worked as the Staff Developer Advocate for Google, and he has shared his decadent knowledge of AI with millions of students on platforms such as Coursera, Udacity and edX. Having returned to education to achieve a Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University, Laurence shares his academic knowledge in his bestselling books AI and Machine Learning for Coders and AI and Machine Learning for On-Device Development.

Having worked for the likes of Microsoft and Google, Laurence’s knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning is highly acclaimed, backed by his credible career history. Laurence is now frequently sought after as a keynote speaker, focusing on machine learning, TensorFlow and AI in all walks of life. Having also experienced working in software development, enterprise architecture, strategic planning and large language models, Laurence has also worked with the likes of Harvard University on the fundamentals of machine learning, how to optimise machine learning models and how to design your own tiny machine learning application. When looking for a preeminent authority on machine learning, hire Lead AI Advocate for Google, Laurence Moroney today!

In October 2023 we sat down virtually with Laurence Moroney and discussed ‘The Challenges Companies can face when looking to Implement AI‘ and ‘The Benefits of Diversity in AI‘. Watch our exclusive Interviews with Laurence Moroney.

Internationally revered AI evangelist, Laurence Moroney was officially inducted to the world’s top voted 20 keynote speakers on AI.

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