Lindsey McInerney

Founder of Black Sun Labs and former Global Head of Transformation at Hootsuite Media

  • Founder and CEO of Sixth Wall
  • Global Head of Technology at AB InBev
  • Named on 2023 Thinkers50 Radar List
  • Recognised as Influential Metaverse and AI Futurist

Lindsey McInerney stands as a beacon of knowledge and foresight in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and artificial intelligence. With her establishment of Black Sun Labs and her leadership role as the Co-Founder and CEO of Sixth Wall, she has showcased an exceptional ability to anticipate the future of digital innovations. As a keynote speaker, she offers audiences a rare glimpse into the transformative power of technology, ensuring they’re not only informed but also equipped to harness its vast potential.

Lindsey’s academic foundation in English, Culture Studies, and Critical Theory from McMaster University, combined with her post-graduation in Public Relations from Humber College, offers a holistic perspective on the societal implications of technological advancements. This unique background allows her to present complex subjects in a manner that resonates with a broad audience, making her an invaluable asset to any event. Her extensive professional journey further bolsters her authority on the topic. From her initial roles in social media coordination and community production to her ascent as Senior Sales Engineer at Sysomos, she has always been at the forefront of understanding and leveraging the latest digital tools. Her tenure as the Global Head of Transformation at Hootsuite Media underlines her knack for overseeing large-scale tech adaptations, while her leadership roles at Qubit and PatSnap accentuate her depth of knowledge in solution engineering and consultancy.

Yet, it is perhaps her role as the Global Head of Technology and Innovation for AB InBev that speaks volumes about her ability to infuse technology into traditional business models, reshaping them for a digitised future. Her advisory roles, like the one at Spanning Labs, further exemplify her influence in guiding the next generation of tech innovators. The accolades she has received, including her naming on the 2023 Thinkers50 Radar List, emphasise her profound impact on the tech and management industry. Recognitions like “Most Influential People in the Metaverse” and “Most Prominent Digital Futurists to Watch out For in 2022” are not just laurels but attestations of her visionary perspective.

As digital disruption becomes the norm, and as the metaverse and AI continue to redefine our world, the need for voices like Lindsey’s becomes paramount. Her insights, drawn from years of experience and a keen understanding of technological shifts, make her an indispensable keynote speaker for any event centered on the future of technology and AI. Now more accessible than ever for speaking engagements, Lindsey is not just an expert in her field but a guide for businesses and individuals navigating the digital frontier. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with this luminary at your next tech event. Book Lindsey McInerney and prepare to be enlightened.

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