Mark Kelly

Founder & Executive Director of AI Ireland & Author of "AI Unleashed"

  • Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Alldus International
  • Won the No. 1 Recruiter Award at the Recruiter Awards
  • Founder & Co-Organiser of the AI in Action Dublin Meetup
  • Host of the AI Ireland Podcast

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AI Unleashed

Mark Kelly, a Global AI Thought Leader and the Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Alldus International, stands at the forefront of the artificial intelligence (AI), staffing, and recruitment industries. With an illustrious career that began with a Masters in Business Studies from University College Dublin, Kelly has progressively shaped the future of work through his superior knowledge of AI. His journey from early roles as a Sales Consultant at Brown Thomas and Assistant Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car to becoming the Director of SThree, showcases a trajectory filled with notable achievements, including clinching the No. 1 Recruiter Award at the Recruiter Awards in 2012. Today, as a speaker for AI-related events, Mark Kelly is celebrated for his insightful contributions and his role in steering the discourse on AI and the future of work.

Mark’s commitment to AI and machine learning extends beyond his professional achievements. As the Founder & Co-Organiser of the AI in Action Dublin Meetup and the Founder & Executive Director of AI Ireland and the AI Ireland Awards, he has been pivotal in creating vibrant communities for AI enthusiasts and experts. These platforms not only showcase groundbreaking work in AI but also strive to bridge the gap between AI professionals and the broader community. Through his efforts, Kelly has established AI ecosystems that transcend traditional networking frameworks, having interviewed over 550 AI professionals across Europe and North America, thereby fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and shared learning.

An authoritative voice in the field of AI, Mark Kelly’s contributions as the author of “AI Unleashed” and as the host of the AI Ireland Podcast have been instrumental in demystifying AI for a wider audience. His work with Alldus has revolutionised how businesses incorporate AI into their operations, with a keen focus on maximising the benefits of AI technologies. Kelly’s ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner is further evidenced by the popularity of his TEDx talk “How One Act of Kindness a Day Can Change Your Life”, which has amassed over 110,000 views. His expertise and insights have also been featured in prominent publications such as The Irish Times, Irish Independent, The Sunday Business, and RTE, highlighting his impact on the field.

Available to hire as a keynote speaker, Mark Kelly brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and eloquence to discussions on business, generative AI, and the future of work. His bespoke keynotes, renowned for their authenticity and clarity, not only engage but also inspire audiences. With a profound understanding of the transformative potential of AI, Kelly is the ideal speaker for events that aim to explore the depths of AI and its implications for the future. Hiring Mark Kelly for your next AI event promises an enlightening and engaging experience, making it a decision that could redefine the way your organisation or audience views the world of artificial intelligence.

Official Testimonials

Mark Kelly is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“I cannot speak highly enough for the lead up work, communication and thoroughly professional approach Mark had towards our event. The event feedback was extremely positive. Highly recommend Mark.”

Paul, Chairman, CICM

“Mark delivered a very compelling speech with the right balance of humour & seriousness around AI. The audience was captivated with lots of note taking.”

Matthias, Director of Technology, Advantage Australia

“Mark is professional, energetic and great to work with.”

Breda, Head of Talent Transformation & Innovation, IDA Ireland

“Mark’s talk was interesting, exciting and lots of learning. Well done!”

Thierry, Head of Management & Talent, Credit Agricale SA Group

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