Mark Minevich

Founding Figure & President of Going Global Ventures & "Author of Our Planet Powered by AI"

  • Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council
  • Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on AI for Humanity
  • Co-Chair at AI for the Planet Alliance’s Steering Committee
  • Former CTO for Global Strategy and Technology at IBM
  • One of the Top 20 AI Influencers and Visionaries

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Our Planet Powered by AI
Our Planet Powered by AI: How We Use Artificial Intelligence to Create a Sustainable Future for Humanity

When Mark Minevich is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Future of Work
Climate Change
Potential of generative AI in transforming businesses and industries

Mark Minevich stands tall as an AI trailblazer, celebrated primarily as the founding figure and President of Going Global Ventures. His myriad affiliations include Co-Chairmanship at AI for the Planet Alliance’s Steering Committee, membership at the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on AI for Humanity, and an esteemed spot in the Forbes Technology Council. Mark’s acumen in AI and visionary approach have carved his niche as the preeminent consultant on generative AI for businesses. Globally, he is revered for his talks on AI’s impact on work, climate change, and the transformative nature of AI in business.

With academic roots tracing back to a BS from Montclair State University and an MBA from Stevens Institute of Technology, Mark’s professional journey commenced at Roche as a Programmer. Subsequent roles saw him as an IT Analyst at Comcast, a Development Manager at Geotek, and later at Icon Cmt. 1997 marked his tenure as the CTO of Market Strategy and Technology at US Web, eventually leading him to IBM as a CTO for Global Strategy and Technology. This diverse and expansive experience later manifested in various advisory roles, enriching establishments like Deutsche Bank Group, Global Billions, and Parkview Ventures.

Being a vanguard in AI, Mark dons several hats, including his Chairmanship at the AI for Good Foundation’s Executive Committee, consultancy roles with UNDESA, and Senior Advisory positions at Boston Consulting Group and Aramco. Not just confined to advisory roles, Mark is also a seasoned venture capitalist, having offered his expertise in AI capital and global emerging markets. His intellectual contributions span leading publications such as Forbes, WEF, VentureBeat, and TechCrunch. Additionally, he has penned renowned books like “Our Planet Powered by AI,” “The CTO Handbook,” and “Six Billion Minds.”

Recognition for his unparalleled contributions to AI has been plentiful. Forbes hailed him as a Leader to Watch, and for two straight years, he’s been acclaimed as one of the Top 20 AI Influencers and Visionaries. Today, as an in-demand orator, Mark graces global platforms such as the Global AI Summit and Wonderland AI Summit, disseminating his knowledge on AI in business, climate implications, and future work dynamics. Beyond these, he delves into the nuances of AI’s ethical deployment and the security quandaries it beckons.

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