Martin Adams

Co-Founder of, Founder & Chairman of Codec & Chairman of the Digital Leadership Council

  • Co-Founder and Strategy Consultant at Ambient Tone
  • Co-Founder of Totus Education
  • Former Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at TLDR Global
  • Recognised among the UK’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the Maserati Top 100
  • Named as a ‘Marketing Guru’ by the Sunday Times

Martin Adams stands as a luminous figure in the realm of artificial intelligence and innovation, his accolades and contributions painting the portrait of a visionary entrepreneur and thought leader. Recognised among the UK’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the Maserati Top 100 and named as a ‘Marketing Guru’ by the Sunday Times, Martin’s influence extends well beyond the confines of traditional entrepreneurship. He is a frequent speaker at prestigious platforms like the Alan Turing Institute and the European Commission, where he shares his insights on innovation, artificial intelligence, media, marketing, and corporate venturing. His speeches are not merely presentations; they are deep dives into the future of technology and its intersection with human society.

Martin’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by significant milestones and successful ventures. He co-founded, which was acknowledged as a ‘Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Scaleup’ by the UK Government and acquired in 2023. His other venture,, earned a spot in Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023. Furthermore, his commitment to inclusivity and diversity in technology is evident in his role with the Digital Leadership Council, aimed at bridging the gap between future and current leaders and promoting opportunities in AI and technology for individuals from non-privileged backgrounds. This blend of innovation and social consciousness showcases Martin’s unique approach to technology and leadership.

Martin’s expertise isn’t confined to founding companies; it extends to nurturing and developing new ventures and products for some of the world’s leading corporations, such as Estee Lauder, Nokia, and L’Oreal. His skills in venture incubation, fundraising, and product development have been pivotal in the success of these collaborations. His early forays into the digital world, starting with the utilisation of his university email to access Facebook, laid the foundation for his future endeavours. This early exposure to social media led him to establish one of the world’s first social media consultancies, working with global companies and iconic figures like Madonna and Lady Gaga. His journey is a testament to his foresight and ability to capitalise on emerging technologies.

Martin’s academic and professional journey is equally impressive. A graduate of Harvard Law School, where he won the Dean’s Prize, he honed his skills at the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society. His involvement in the high-profile Obama ‘Hope’ poster case demonstrates his expertise in intellectual property and digital issues. This experience, coupled with his subsequent recruitment by the firm he had opposed in court, underlines his exceptional legal acumen and strategic thinking. His work with venture and private equity firms, and clients like Facebook and Samsung, further solidifies his status as a respected advisor in the realms of social and digital media. Martin’s journey from East London to Harvard, and his commitment to making technology and digital industries accessible and understandable, reflects his dedication to education and mentorship, further enhancing his stature as a keynote speaker and authority in artificial intelligence and innovation.

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