Martin Musiol

Co-founder of & Former Managing Data Scientist at IBM

  • Principal Data Science Manager at Infosys Consulting
  • Generative AI course on Udemy
  • Co-founded story beep
  • Former Member of the Technical Expert Council at IBM
  • Former Lecturer/Industry Expert at upgrad
  • Former Data Scientist at frog
  • Former Representative at FasterCapital
  • Former Software Engineer at Airbus Group Innovations

When Martin Musiol is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Generative AI

Martin Musiol is a highly respected generative AI expert on a mission to demystify AI and its ground-breaking applications. Co-founder of, he serves as an instructor on generative AI, creating pioneering online courses to empower people to learn about the potential of generative AI applications. He is also a Principal Data Science Manager at Infosys Consulting, advising clients and creating bespoke, innovative generative AI solutions across industries. In his speaking engagements, he explores the future implication and applications of generative AI and machine learning.

Before establishing himself as a leading Data Science coach and mentor, Martin built a solid academic foundation, earning a BA in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Leuphana University of Luneburg and an MS in Computational Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. He started his career as an Electrician at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon and then developed an object identification program for vehicles using radar data as a student. Basing his master’s thesis on predictive maintenance: AI to predict failures in aircraft subsystems, he joined the Airbus Group Innovations as a student and then as a Software Engineer after completing his master’s.

In 2016, Martin co-founded story beep, serving as the Chief Technology Officer of the software development firm until 2018. During his time with story beep, he built software architecture, an AI pipeline and deployed a system for fast iteration. He joined frog as a Data Scientist in 2017, providing holistic solutions using data-driven approaches and cutting-edge technology to advance statistical methods. Martin became a Representative at FasterCapital, a venture capital and private equity firm, before joining upgrad as a Lecturer/Industry Expert, teaching data science to professionals seeking to enhance their careers.

Martin also worked at IBM for over four years, first as a Senior Data Scientist and Member of the Technical Expert Council, then Managing Data Scientist, where he built touchpoints between generative AI and industry needs. Martin received the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for his distinguished work at IBM. Now sharing his vast expertise in generative AI, Martin is the organiser of the Python-Machine-Learning Meetup and creator of the Generative AI course on Udemy. Moreover, his monthly thought leadership newsletter has over 20K subscribers, and he now captivates audiences with speaking presentations and workshops, revealing the latest developments in generative AI.

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