Maurice Conti

Former Head of Innovation at Autodesk, Chief Innovation Officer at Alpha & Awarded the Medal for Exceptional Bravery at Sea by the United Nations, the New Zealand Government & the U.S. Coast Guard

  • Delivered the TEDx Talk ‘The incredible inventions of intuitive AI’
  • Experience working with giants like NIKE, Tesla, and Google

When Maurice Conti is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

AI and Deep Tech
Future of Work, Cities, and Mobility
Disruptive Innovation and Moonshot Thinking
Climate Change

Maurice Conti stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and innovation. With an illustrious career history, including roles as the former Head of Innovation at Autodesk and Chief Innovation Officer at Alpha, Europe’s first Moonshot Factory, Maurice has been at the forefront of technological advancements. At Autodesk, he significantly advanced the field of human-robot collaboration, demonstrating his deep commitment to the future of AI. His tenure at Alpha was marked by the development of ambitious projects aimed at benefiting millions and being a net force for good on the planet. This blend of technological prowess and visionary leadership has earned him a reputation as a “benevolent mad scientist” and a catalyst for change.

Maurice Conti’s expertise extends beyond the boardroom into the global arena of ideas and inspiration. As a keynote speaker, he captivates audiences with his insights on how technology reshapes our world. With over 12 million views on his TED Talks, Maurice has a proven ability to engage and enlighten a wide audience. His talks delve into the impact of technological change on life, work, and commerce, drawing on his extensive experience working with giants like NIKE, Tesla, and Google. These presentations offer not only a glimpse into the future but also practical advice for businesses and individuals preparing to navigate the evolving technological landscape.

Leadership and team building are other areas where Maurice excels. His leadership style is characterised by fostering trust, daring, and a commitment to excellence, which he has honed through collaborations with diverse and high-performing teams. His experience ranges from working with design teams at Nike to innovating alongside Tesla and Airbus, showcasing his ability to lead ground-breaking projects. This ability to blend diverse skills and perspectives is a testament to his belief in the power of collaboration and innovation, particularly in high-stakes, high-reward environments.

Maurice’s life experiences extend beyond his professional achievements. He is an accomplished explorer who has circumnavigated the globe, demonstrating his bravery and dedication in extreme situations. In 2009, he was recognised for his heroism by being awarded the Medal for Exceptional Bravery at Sea by the United Nations, the New Zealand government, and the U.S. Coast Guard. These accolades underline his commitment to not only exploring new frontiers in technology but also in the real world. An inspiration to audiences globally, Maurice continues to lead in the ever-evolving domain of AI and innovation, bridging the gap between technological possibilities and human aspirations.

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