Dr. Naeema Pasha

Director of Research at MKAI.org & Behavioural Scientist at Philosophy At Work

  • Former Director of the World of Work Institute & Equity & Careers at the Henley Business School
  • Former Director of Behavioral Science EMEA at CoachHub
  • Former Deputy Director at the University of Reading
  • Speaker at The AI Summit London 2023
  • Voted 11th on the Top 30 Global Thinkers 2021 by HR Magazine

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Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career: How to Lead and Succeed in a Changing World

When Dr. Naeema Pasha is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Leading AI Change
Human Behaviour in the AI Age
AI Equity: More Than a Buzzword
Beyond Bias: Building Inclusive AI
AI Future: Humans Still Needed

Dr Naeema Pasha is a thought leader in AI, equity, and behavioural science. Helping organisations integrate diversity and equity in the AI space, she challenges conventional leadership methods and biased systems to provide robust roadmaps for a fairer world of work. In her speaking engagements, she explores concepts such as ethical AI, inclusive AI, the future of work, and uncertainty from AI and automation. An eloquent speaker, Naeema recently delivered an impactful keynote at The AI Summit London titled Uncomplicating Bias with Ethical Implications.

Academically gifted, Naeema holds several degrees, including an MA in Career Guidance, Developmental and Adult Career Psychology from Birmingham City University, an MSc in Business Research Methods and a PhD in Business Administration, Applied Business Psychology from Henley Business School. She has also completed a course in AI Implications for Business Strategy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Naeema began her career as a Deputy Director at the University of Reading. Building expertise as a consultant specialising in careers, she held roles with Graduate Prospects, Wikijob.co.uk, LSE, the University of London, and Euromed Management.

Having accumulated distinguished expertise as a career coach, Naeema was appointed Director of the World of Work Institute & Equity & Careers at the Henley Business School, playing an instrumental role in implementing organisational change by leading culture change, EDI, and talent management development. At Henley Business School, she also founded The World of Work Institute, which observes the future of work and examines the role of AI and digital technologies. Naeema went on to become Director of Behavioral Science EMEA at CoachHub and a Leadership Fellow at the Society of Leadership Fellows. Currently, she is the Director of Research at MKAI.org, a Coach Consultant at Richmond and a Behavioural Scientist at Philosophy At Work.

At the intersection of AI, equity, and behavioural science, Naeema’s pioneering work has seen her voted 11th on the Top 30 Global Thinkers 2021 by HR Magazine and named a Top 50 Global AI Ethics Thinkers. She has also addressed the UK Parliament on Equity and the Future of Work. As well as contributing to leading publications such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, WIRED, and Business Insider, Naeema is the co-author of Futureproof Your Career. Establishing herself as a thought leader in inclusive AI and the future of work, Naeema is highly sought after as a speaker. Delivering impactful presentations at prestigious events, including the Windsor Castle Leaders Debate and The Modern Woman Show, hire Naeema Pasha now!

Official Testimonials

Dr. Naeema Pasha is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Dr. Pasha’s expertise and captivating speaking style left a lasting impression on our audiences. Her deep insights into Equity & the World of Work provided valuable perspectives.”

Fahd Ali, Head of Production, Fintech & DX

“Naeema’s leadership vision for careers and career development services is perhaps the most compelling and forward-thinking I have encountered.”

Paul, Co-Founder, People on Work

“The quantity and quality of e-guidance interventions provided by Naeema was exemplary.”

Lucy, HE Expert in student employability

“Naeema is a hugely impressive careers professional, business woman and inspiring leader.”

Katie, Associate Consultant at Marts&Lundy

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