Omar Hatamleh

Chief Advisor for Artificial Intelligence & Innovation at NASA, Former Executive Director of the Space Studies Program at the International Space University & Co-Author of 'BetweenBrains'

  • NASA IT Strategy Lead at NASA Headquarters
  • Recipient of the NASA Silver Achievement Medal 2018
  • Head of Technology Integration for In Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU)

Dr. Omar Hatamleh is a distinguished individual in the field of artificial intelligence and technology, boasting 26 years of exemplary experience at NASA. Currently serving as the Chief Advisor for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation at Goddard Space Flight Center and the Lead for NASA IT Strategy at NASA Headquarters, he actively shapes the technological future of space exploration and research. His roles are pivotal, requiring him to integrate advanced AI and technology solutions seamlessly, ensuring that they align with and support NASA’s missions and overarching goals. Furthermore, Omar is instrumental in moulding and executing the agency’s IT strategy and vision, thus serving as a beacon of innovation and progress within the institution.

Before ascending to his current role, Omar demonstrated his technical acumen and leadership as the Head of Technology Integration for In Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU). Here, he masterfully coordinated NASA’s ventures into planetary exploration and resource extraction, helping navigate uncharted territories and unearth new possibilities. His commitment to the incorporation of innovative solutions and advancements laid the groundwork for unprecedented discoveries and exploration in the field of space research and technology, marking him as an invaluable asset to NASA’s ambitious endeavours.

With a prolific career at NASA, Omar is also a recognised author and scholar. He co-authored ‘BetweenBrains’, a critically acclaimed book that delves into the profound impacts of AI and technology on jobs, society, economy, and ethics, offering insights and reflections on the unfolding technological era. He has also contributed to the scientific community by publishing over 33 international journal articles in engineering, reflecting his profound knowledge and dedication to his field. The myriad of awards and recognitions he has received, including the Silver Achievement Medal and the Innovation Award, stand testament to his groundbreaking work and commitment to excellence in his field.

Beyond his work at NASA, Dr. Omar Hatamleh is a sought-after artificial intelligence keynote speaker, sharing his extensive knowledge and insights at renowned platforms like G20, Google, and IBM, and featuring in prestigious media outlets such as CNN and Forbes. His speaking engagements illuminate the intricate weave of artificial intelligence and its transformative power, making him an influential voice in shaping conversations around technology and innovation. Passionate about inspiring the forthcoming wave of explorers and innovators, Omar multifaceted contributions are pivotal in advancing the frontiers of science and technology, and his visions continue to spearhead discussions on the endless possibilities that the future holds.

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