Rebecca Gorman

Co-founder & CEO of Aligned AI

  • Co-developed the core IP for AI alignment
  • Member of Fortune’s Founders Forum
  • Named a REWork Top 100 Women Advancing AI in 2023
  • Nominated for VentureBeat’s Women in AI Award for Responsibility & Ethics in AI

Rebecca Gorman is the co-founder and CEO of Aligned AI, a pioneering startup aligning AI with human values and intent. An authority on near-term AI threats, Rebecca’s focus is on the interface between technology and human behaviour. Uncovering the tension between AI and human preferences, she has contributed numerous articles on creating safer AI systems and has influenced notable organisations and policymakers. When hired for speaking engagements, Rebecca eloquently talks about AI ethics, responsible AI, and AI safety.

Educated at Oxford and Santa Clara University, Rebecca built her first AI system over 20 years ago. In the last two decades, she has accumulated vast expertise in AI causality and ethics research and has been involved with leading startups and incubators. At Aligned AI, she is at the forefront of innovation, co-developing the core IP for AI alignment and integrating the tools with generative AI to increase AI safety and capability. The cutting-edge startup has been featured in prominent publications, including Fortune, the Financial Times and Insider. Rebecca also shares her prowess in artificial intelligence acting as a member of the Fortune Founders Forum.

Regularly publishing thought leadership articles and papers, Rebecca recently contributed an article to OECD’s AI wonk blog, exploring the EU’s AI Act. Recognised for her pioneering work in AI, she was named in REWork’s Top 100 Women Advancing AI in 2023 and nominated for VentureBeat’s Women in AI Award for Responsibility & Ethics in AI. An outspoken advocate for responsible and aligned AI, she passionately warns of the dangers of increasing AI capability above safety in her speaking engagements.

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