Roger Steare

Ethical AI Advisor & Author of "Thinking Outside the Inbox"

  • Author of “Thinking Outside the Inbox” and “Ethicability”
  • Developed BP’s Ethical Leadership Program
  • Subsidiary CEO of The Adecco Group
  • Visiting Professor of Business Ethics at the International Hellenic University
  • Work & Careers Columnist for the Financial Times
  • Writes a weekly blog “Thinking Allowed”

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Thinking Outside the Inbox
Thinking Outside the Inbox

When Roger Steare is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Ethics in AI
Diversity & Inclusion

Roger Steare, best known as the “Corporate Philosopher,” has carved out a distinguished niche in guiding CEOs and employees of some of the world’s leading corporations through the labyrinth of ethical challenges they face. Focusing his attention on the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence, Roger now aids leaders and teams in navigating the complex decision-making processes inherent in AI, Machine Learning, and technology sectors. His weekly blog “Thinking Allowed” explores pressing issues related to morals, values, and the future of work. An accomplished corporate philosopher, Roger’s wealth of expertise offers invaluable insights to organisations aiming to integrate ethical considerations into their strategic frameworks.

As the author of “Thinking Outside the Inbox” and “Ethicability,” Roger ensures leaders and their teams are equipped with the necessary tools for making principled decisions. His dedication to instilling a sense of social purpose and ethical values has garnered respect from organisations worldwide. Notably, Roger developed BP’s Ethical Leadership program, which received acclaim from the US Department of Justice for its significant impact. His efforts are geared towards fostering a more equitable society, a testament to his unwavering commitment to ethical leadership.

Roger Steare’s career trajectory has seen him hold positions of significant influence, including Subsidiary CEO of The Adecco Group and Visiting Professor of Business Ethics at the International Hellenic University. His role as an educator at Duke Corporate Education underlines his commitment to cultivating a deep understanding of culture and ethics within the business community. Recognised as a leading Advisor on Culture & Ethics for esteemed institutions like the Nationwide Building Society, the Financial Conduct Authority, and the ICAEW, Roger has also contributed his expertise to a national government’s Prime Minister’s office, advocating for societal improvement through ethical governance.

With a robust foundation in ethics, leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion, and teamwork, Roger stands out for his unique approach to addressing these critical aspects of corporate life. His role as Work & Careers Columnist for the Financial Times further cements his reputation, providing a platform for sharing his valued insights on leadership, culture, and ethics. For those seeking a seasoned expert on ethics, leadership, teamwork, diversity & inclusion, and ethical AI, Roger Steare is an exemplary choice for keynote speaking engagements, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to enlighten and inspire any audience.

Official Testimonials

Roger Steare is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Many thanks for the great training session; the most fascinating one that I have ever attended.”

Fadeia, Associate, Clifford Chance

“It’s said a good creative can step outside the everyday and look at it with new eyes. Roger has this uncanny ability: to look at what we do every day, in work, in play and ask ‘if this is what we do only because we have always done it – is there a better way?’ He offers an alternative. A way that can turn confrontation into community, coercion into camaraderie and business into pleasure.”

Nick Knowles, RTS award-winning TV Presenter

“Roger is brilliant in his field and thinks very differently from most. There expect that he will be ‘mind opening’ to some and ‘deeply challenging’ to others. Directed appropriately, he can add massive value to individuals and organisations.”

Joe, CEO, Openreach

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