Shafi Ahmed

CEO & Co-Founder of Medical Realities, Non-Executive Director of Medic Bleep & Chairman of the Global Innovation & New Technologies Conference

  • Medical Director at Surgery International
  • Member of the Editorial Strategic Advisory Board of BMJ Innovations
  • Creator of the Barts X Medicine Programme
  • Conducted the first live operation using Google Glass to 14,000 students and trainees across 132 countries
  • Awarded the Future NHS Award by members of the Parliament
  • Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of his outstanding humanitarian work in conflict zones
  • 3x TEDx Talk Speaker

Shafi Ahmed, a distinguished figure in the world of digital health and artificial intelligence, has made significant contributions as an innovator and educator. As a Co-Founder of Medical Realities, he pioneered the world’s first VR Interactive Surgical Training Module, showcasing his commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies in medical education. His role as a Non-Executive Director of Medic Bleep exemplifies his dedication to improving communication among healthcare professionals. Shafi’s expertise extends beyond the medical field, as he advises governments and major corporations in sectors like Pharma, Digital Health, AI, Robotics, and Blockchain. This diverse involvement underlines his multifaceted understanding of technology’s role in advancing healthcare and various industries.

Shafi’s influence on medical education is profound, particularly through his initiative to launch the Barts X Medicine Programme. This program disrupts traditional medical school curricula by embedding future technologies and entrepreneurship, preparing students for the evolving landscape of healthcare. His leadership extends to chairing and co-founding the Global Innovation and New Technologies conference in London and chairing WEBIT Health in Bulgaria. These roles amplify his impact on global health technology and innovation. His passion for humanitarian efforts is evident in the establishment of the Shafi Ahmed Foundation International, which focuses on providing medical aid and promoting access to medical training, thereby addressing global health inequalities.

Shafi Ahmed has been a trailblazer in utilising technology to enhance medical education and practice. He gained international attention in 2014 by streaming a live operation using Google Glass, reaching thousands of students in over 130 countries. His pioneering efforts continued with the world’s first virtual reality operation, attracting an audience of 55,000 from 140 countries and making a significant impact on social media. His innovative use of Snapchat spectacles to record and teach surgery globally, with millions of views and downloads, further highlights his skill in leveraging social media for educational purposes. These ground-breaking endeavours not only revolutionised surgical education but also demonstrated the potential of emerging technologies in healthcare.

In addition to his technological innovations, Shafi Ahmed is a respected academic and advisor. He holds several prestigious positions, including Visiting Professor at Imperial College London and Associate Editor at the Annals of Royal College of Surgeons. His educational background is equally impressive, with degrees from King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London. Shafi’s extensive experience includes roles as Medical Advisor to Google and Johnson & Johnson and as Associate Dean at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. His contributions to healthcare have been recognised with numerous awards and honours, including a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work, and being named one of the Top 50 Innovators in Artificial Intelligence for 2023 by Intelligent Health AI. As a sought-after keynote speaker, Shafi shares his insights on digital health and innovation, inspiring audiences worldwide with his visionary approach.

In January 2024 we sat down virtually with Shafi Ahmed and discussed the future of medicine using AI and Machine Learning. Watch our Exclusive Interview with Shafi Ahmed.

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