Sharon Gai

Global Shaper in the China chapter of the World Economic Forum, Former Head of Global Key Accounts at the Alibaba Group & Author of 'E-commerce Reimagined: What We Can Learn in Retail & E-commerce from China'

  • Cultural Intelligence Expert at The Rise Journey
  • Delivered the TEDxMcGill talk, ‘Culture Fluid: How to be the bridge in a divided world’
  • Appeared on platforms like CBC, CCTV, Retail Asia, and The Next Web
  • Youngest recipient of the 100% club at Insight

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Ecommerce Reimagined: Retail and Ecommerce in China
Ecommerce Reimagined: Retail and Ecommerce in China

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Digital Marketing
Cultural Intelligence

Sharon Gai stands out as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the realm of artificial intelligence, particularly in its intersection with e-commerce and cultural intelligence. Having risen through the ranks to become a former E-commerce Executive at Alibaba, one of China’s e-commerce giants, her journey is nothing short of inspiring. Her deep expertise, gleaned from over a decade of hands-on experience in e-commerce, digital transformation, and AI, positions her as a thought leader capable of spanning multiple disciplines with authority. Sharon’s extensive insights are not just theoretical; they are built on a robust foundation of practical application, especially during her tenure at Tmall, where she strategically navigated global key accounts for major corporations like Adidas, Xiaomi, and H&M.

Sharon’s intellectual prowess extends beyond corporate halls; she is a celebrated author, with her seminal work, ‘E-commerce Reimagined: What We Can Learn in Retail and E-commerce from China’, marking a significant contribution to contemporary business literature. This book is not just a testament to her vast knowledge but a reflection of her commitment to fostering diversified perspectives within the corporate landscape and broader society. Her journey, which began with a master’s degree in information management from Columbia University, has seen her transcend roles and shatter glass ceilings, notably being the youngest recipient of the 100% club at Insight and an alumnus of the prestigious Alibaba Global Leadership Academy.

However, what makes Sharon truly remarkable is her dedication to sharing her wealth of knowledge. She has graced over 100 e-commerce and retail conferences, imparting wisdom to a spectrum of audiences, from industry professionals at Ecomworld and Shoptalk to government officials and global leaders. Her media footprint is extensive, with appearances on platforms like CBC, CCTV, Retail Asia, and The Next Web, underscoring her status as an influential business figure. Yet, it’s her role as a Global Shaper in the China chapter of the World Economic Forum that solidifies her position as a global influencer, a testament to her exceptional career and contributions to the industry.

In the world of public speaking, Sharon Gai is a leading authority, commanding the stage with a blend of confidence, intelligence, and a genuine passion for cultural diversity and technological innovation. Her TEDxMcGill talk, ‘Culture Fluid: How to be the bridge in a divided world,’ epitomises her prowess as a speaker and her dedication to uniting audiences under the banner of cultural fluidity. Sharon’s ability to engage and captivate listeners, proven with audiences exceeding 40,000, makes her an invaluable asset at any gathering. For those seeking a speaker capable of not just informing but transforming perspectives, Sharon Gai is the perfect choice. Her narratives are not only insightful but ignite a deeper conversation about diversity, technology, and the future of e-commerce.

Official Testimonials

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“We invited Sharon for an AAPI panel to share her story of upbringing and experiences as an expat in China. Her story was able to generate a wealth of discussions internally. We applaud her on her authenticity and grace in sharing her stories with us.”

StackOverflow, Head of HR

“Sharon was dynamic, energetic and left the audience hanging for more. Her knowledge of China and ecommerce is impeccable. We would definitely work with her again.”


“We invited Sharon as an expert to talk about innovations in ecommerce for our exclusive summit. Her presentation captured the current ecommerce landscape very accurately and we would recommend her to any event organization looking for keynotes.”

Singularity University, Event Organizer

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