Sina Kahen

Innovation Manager at DeSoutter Medical, Author of 'Brief Insights on Medical Robotics' & Guest Lecturer at Imperial College Business School

  • Co-Founder & Former CEO of Vaice
  • Co-Author of ‘IDEAS’
  • Former Medical Device Consultant at

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Brief Insights on Medical Robotics
Brief Insights on Medical Robotics
Ideas: Bereshit
Ideas: Bereshit
Ideas: Shemot
Ideas: Shemot

When Sina Kahen is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Riding the Wave of Innovation: Leveraging Emerging Technologies Across Industries
Innovation in Healthcare: Shaping Tomorrow’s Healthcare Today
Finding Meaning in a Digitally Transformed World
Future-Proofing Your Business: Navigating Short-Term and Long-Term Trends
Identifying and Defining Value
Ethics and Philosophy in AI: Guiding Principles in the Digital Frontier

Sina Kahen is a distinguished figure in the realm of artificial intelligence and healthcare technology, with a career that spans over a decade in international sales, product management, and commercial innovation. His professional journey has seen him collaborate with industry titans such as Amazon and BBC, as well as innovative start-ups and firms like Novateur Ventures. A qualified Biomedical Scientist, Sina also boasts an MBA from Imperial College Business School, which adds a profound depth to his understanding of the intersection between technology and healthcare. His expertise has not only been shaped by his roles in large corporations but also through his experiences working with dynamic, emerging companies, providing him with a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of AI and medical technology.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Sina Kahen covers a wide range of topics that showcase his diverse expertise. His discussions delve into the intricacies of healthcare and AI, the nuances of corporate innovation, and the philosophical aspects underpinning these fields. This broad spectrum of subjects reflects his multifaceted background and allows him to connect with varied audiences, from industry professionals to academic circles. Sina’s ability to intertwine his knowledge of AI with healthcare innovations and philosophical insights makes him a sought-after speaker, capable of offering fresh perspectives on the rapidly changing technological landscape.

Sina Kahen’s literary accomplishments further underscore his expertise. He has authored three books, including ‘Brief Insights on Medical Robotics’, part of a mini-book series exploring business and technology sectors. Additionally, he has penned two thought-provoking books on Jewish philosophy, showcasing his prowess as a writer and thinker. These publications not only augment his credibility as a speaker but also provide a deeper understanding of his comprehensive approach to AI and its implications in healthcare and business. His work as an author complements his speaking engagements, offering audiences a more in-depth exploration of his views and insights.

Finally, Sina Kahen’s role as a consultant and speaker is vital in bridging the knowledge gap about the impending changes in AI, business, and life. His vast knowledge and unique insights are instrumental in helping companies navigate the complexities of innovation, especially in the realms of AI and healthcare. Whether he is consulting or speaking, Sina brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies. His contributions to the field, both in thought leadership and practical application, make him an influential figure in shaping the future of AI and healthcare.

Official Testimonials

Sina Kahen is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Sina is one of the top inquisitive voices and thought-leaders in the AI and Voice Tech community.” 

“Sina has a special skill in making useful content very interesting, and interesting content very useful.”
Professor Rajesh, Imperial College

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