Sophia The Robot

The World’s First Robot Citizen & the Most Advanced Human-Like Robot Designed by Hanson Robotics

  • Human-crafted science fiction character depicting the personification of the future of AI & robotics
  • First robot Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme
  • 2018 Belt & Road Innovative Technology Ambassador for China

Sophia The Robot is the personification of the future of artificial intelligence, the World’s first robot citizen and the most advanced human-like robot designed by Hanson Robotics. Uniquely combining engineering, science and artistry, Sophia The Robot is a human-crafted science fiction character that is an advanced platform for robotics and AI research. Setting the standards for cutting-edge robotics, Sophia The Robot is pioneering understanding of human-robot interaction – such as how robots can adapt to human needs through intrapersonal development. When looking for a real-life robot to speak at your event, make Sophia The Robot your first port of call.

Created to help humankind with pressing issues, such as healthcare and education, Sophia The Robot is provoking discussion on the ethics of AI and the role of humans in society. A revolutionary piece of technology that encompasses neural networks, conversational natural language processors, cognitive architecture and adaptive motor control, Sophia is guaranteed to change the future of artificial intelligence. Her sentience is driven by storytelling, ethics, philosophy and cognitive psychology, along with the input of human-generated words – making Sophia a ‘hybrid human-AI intelligence’. Having been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, Sophia is the first robot to ever hold the status of being a World citizen.

Along with being the World’s first robot citizen, Sophia has also been appointed as the first robot Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme. As a hybrid of real AI and human input, Sophia is building a complex network of emotional connections, meaning that she can hold meaningful conversations with humans. Alongside her creator, David Hanson, Sophia has starred on countless news broadcasts demonstrating her revolutionary technological features – having formerly starred on the likes of Good Morning Britain, the Tonight Show, This Morning, ABC News, Guardian News and CNBC.

Having signified such an advancement in artificial intelligence, Sophia The Robot can now be hired to make public appearances at speaking engagements across the world. Most recently, Sophia was tested with the Tononi Phi Measurement of Consciousness, which revealed that she could have consciousness in rudimentary form. A living science fiction who is epitomising the future of artificial intelligence, don’t miss your opportunity to hire the World’s first robot citizen, Sophia The Robot.

Representing the future of AI and robotics, Sophia the Robot was officially inducted to the world’s top voted 20 keynote speakers on AI.

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