Steve Rader

Program Manager of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation & NASA Tournament Lab, CEO of Crowd Resources Consulting & Listed as One of the Top 20 Challenge Mentors

  • Global Contributor for the Global Assembly
  • Former Mission Controller at Barrios Technology LTD
  • United States Air Force

Steve Rader stands as a beacon of innovation and progress within NASA, emphasising the potential of open innovation tools in the rapidly evolving realm of space exploration. As the Program Manager of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI) and the NASA Tournament Lab (NTL), Steve’s emphasis has consistently been on harnessing the collective intellect of global crowds. These platforms, under his leadership, leverage crowd-based platforms to bring forth revolutionary solutions, not only for NASA but for the broader U.S. government. They delve into the depths of curated crowdsourcing communities, using challenge-based methods to unearth the gems of innovation, which become pivotal in addressing some of the most pressing challenges faced by space exploration.

Steve’s journey with NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston spans over three decades, starting with his role as an Environmental Control and Life Support Systems Flight Controller for the International Space Station (ISS). A Mechanical Engineering graduate from Rice University, Steve’s technical prowess has always been a significant asset. From software development for the Space Shuttle to working on the X-38 project and leading the Command, Control, Communications, and Information (C3I) architecture for the ambitious Constellation Program, his contributions are immeasurable.

In 2015, his expertise was recognised when he was named among the 20 Challenge Mentors for the U.S. Government Services Administration’s (GSA) Prizes and Challenges initiative. Over the years, Steve has actively contributed to the execution of over 100 challenges, showcasing his unwavering commitment to fostering open innovation. Beyond NASA, he took the initiative to become the Founder of Crowd Resources Consulting LLC in 2019. This endeavour showcases his ambition to expand the horizon of crowdsourcing by providing non-NASA organisations with the essential resources to stay competitive in a rapidly shifting global landscape.

When it comes to sharing insights, Steve is not one to hold back. As an artificial intelligence keynote speaker, he regularly discusses NASA’s strides in crowd-based challenges and the transformative future of work. Steve’s commitment extends beyond just internal promotion within NASA. By sharing insights both publicly and internally, he aims to inspire many more to embrace the power and potential of open innovation tools. In the world of artificial intelligence and space exploration, Steve Rader’s name shines brightly, bridging the gap between conventional methodologies and the expansive possibilities of collective intelligence.

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