Sudin Baraokar

Chair of the Bankchain Alliance & Former Head of Engineering & Development at Barclays Bank

  • Former Global Head of Innovation/ Chief Innovation Officer at the State Bank of India
  • Former Senior Managing Consulting Director at IBM
  • Former GE BI Global Operations Strategy at General Electric
  • Former Data Warehouse Analyst at iSoftBank
  • Former System Analyst at KK Power Control
  • Recipient of the SKOCH IT Innovation Award for AI

Sudin Baraokar is a globally renowned tech expert with vast knowledge of AI, digital transformation, IoT, FinTech, Blockchain, data science, cybersecurity and BFSI Tech Smart Manufacturing, among others. An emerging tech serial innovator, he has worked on over 70 technologies and platforms for world-renowned institutions. He currently serves as an IT and innovation advisor to global banks and FinTechs and Chairs the Bankchain Alliance, a leader in the collaboration and development of Blockchain solutions. One of the world’s top-ranking emerging tech specialists, Sudin is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on AI, machine learning and Blockchain.

Holding a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai, Sudin’s expertise in emerging tech is underpinned by a solid academic foundation. After graduating from university, he joined Datamatic LTD as a Software Developer before becoming a System Analyst at KK Power Control. This was followed by Data Warehouse Analyst at iSoftBank, Solution Architect at Spider Tech and Global Operations Strategy at General Electric. Having accumulated substantial expertise in emerging tech, including IoT, Blockchain, cybersecurity, AI and deep learning, he became Senior Managing Consulting Director at IBM.

A seasoned emerging tech innovator, Sudin became Head of Engineering and Development at Barclays Bank in 2009, working on enterprise architecture, product engineering and development. With distinguished expertise in the banking sector, he landed the role of Global Head of Innovation/ Chief Innovation Officer at the State Bank of India. He has since established himself as a foremost IT advisor, advising global banks, startups, Fortune 500 organisations, governments and universities on disruptive technologies. Recognised for his pioneering work with emerging tech, Sudin has received several awards, including the ET CIO Award for Technology Leadership, ELETS BFSI Award for IT Leadership and the SKOCH IT Innovation Award for AI. He was also the winner of the IDC Innovation Award in 2014.

A thought leader in emerging tech, Sudin has made substantial contributions to some of the world’s most notable organisations, including IBM, Barclays, GE and SBI. With an illustrious track record for tech innovation, he is now a prominent keynote speaker on some of the most disruptive technologies, including AI, machine learning, Blockchain, cybersecurity, AR, VR and IoT. A highly demanded speaker, he has spoken at several leading conferences, such as the CIO Summit, IBM Pulse, Information on Demand and Big Data Week, to name a few. Book Sudin Baraokar now for ground-breaking presentations on emerging tech!

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