Tasha Austin

Principal in Deloitte's Risk & Financial Advisory Services, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics at the Northern Virginia Community College & Named Black Engineer of the Year

  • STEM Ambassador on behalf of Deloitte
  • Serves on the National Board of Directors for NABA Inc., & Posse DC
  • Partnered with Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth
  • Recipient of the the Science Spectrum Trailblazer Award

Tasha Austin, renowned as a trailblazer in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, has carved a remarkable path in the technological world. Her accolades, including the Black Engineer of the Year and the Science Spectrum Trailblazer Award, are testaments to her profound impact in the field. As a Principal in Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory Services, she boasts over 24 years of experience, during which she has adeptly navigated the spheres of commercial and federal financial audits, fraud, and investigations. However, it’s her expertise in AI and her leadership in Deloitte’s AI sector that distinguish her as an authoritative keynote speaker. Tasha isn’t just versed in the theoretical aspects of AI; she’s actively involved in its practical applications, providing strategic, innovative solutions that drive financial management transformations for a myriad of clients.

One cannot discuss Tasha without highlighting her profound contributions to literature and policy in AI and data management. Her insights, particularly as a co-author of the pivotal papers ‘Future of Open Data’ and ‘Data Act 2022’, have shaped critical discussions surrounding open government data and insight-driven organisations. These contributions extend beyond mere data handling; they delve into the intricate challenges of culture and technology within organisations, thereby influencing policy-making at the highest levels. When Tasha speaks, she brings this wealth of knowledge to her audience, exploring the complexities and future of AI and data, and offering a forward-thinking perspective that many in the field seek.

Beyond her professional achievements, Tasha is a vanguard for diversity, equity, and inclusion, significantly within the STEM fields. Her role as Deloitte’s HBCU strategic engagement leader underscores her commitment to tapping into the potential of often overlooked communities. Her dedication to bridging the digital divide in under-resourced areas, particularly concerning AI and data analytics, marks her speeches with a deep sense of social responsibility. She brings an understanding of how AI intersects with societal structures, emphasising the need for equitable opportunities, as evidenced by her work with organisations like the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth.

Furthermore, Tasha Austin is an esteemed educator and community leader. Her role as a STEM Ambassador and her tenure as a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at the Northern Virginia Community College highlights her dedication to nurturing the next generation of tech enthusiasts. Her lectures aren’t just courses; they’re incubators for future innovators, covering pressing topics like AI literacy, bias mitigation, and the convergence of AI with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Moreover, her positions on the boards of NABA Inc., and Posse DC showcase her commitment to broader community service. Consequently, as a keynote speaker, Tasha doesn’t just share information; she inspires action and advocates for meaningful change.

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