Toby White

Managing Partner at ARTIMUS & Technology & AI Advisor at Kingsbridge

  • Head of Development at Medi2data
  • Established AI Wales
  • Founder of MarketMate
  • Former Technology Advisor at Joining Ventures
  • Former Artificial Intelligence Advisor at IZY

Toby White is a Managing Partner at ARTIMUS, a development venture studio responsible for creating intelligent systems and products for clients across industries. An expert on autonomous cars, efficient algorithms and innovation-driven development, he is a highly sought-after advisor for clients in the AI, MedTech, PropTech and FinTech sectors. With distinguished expertise in emerging technologies, Toby has delivered guest lectures at Cardiff University and contributed a chapter to the book Control Theory in Engineering. Now available for speaking engagements, Toby shares his pioneering industry insights into generative AI, deep learning and machine learning.

Prior to enrolling at the University of the West of England, Toby worked as a Sailing Instructor at the Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club and a Ski Instructor at Ski Rossendale Limited. At university, he studied for a BSc in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence, covering topics such as object-oriented development, programming languages, neural networks and evolutionary algorithm development and enterprise development. In 2017, Toby joined IZY Capital as an Artificial Intelligence Advisor, supporting the company’s panel of experts in making evidence base recommendations for potential investment opportunities. Following that, he became a Technology Advisor at Joining Ventures before becoming Head of Product at Medi2data.

In 2019, he became the founder and CEO of MarketMate, a cutting-edge platform using natural language processing to select rich user content for social media content creation, costing clients substantially less than a traditional marketing agency. Toby exited MarketMate in 2021 after scaling it up to serve prominent clients such as Nestle and GS Verde. With a proven track record for bringing software products to market and managing substantial budgets, Toby served as Chief Technology Officer at NeuDrive and TENCIL and has held advisory positions with Fairhomes and idclear. Alongside his role at ARTIMUS, Toby is Head of Development at Medi2data and Technology and AI Advisor at Kingsbridge.

At the forefront of innovation in AI, Toby recently established AI Wales, a community comprised of AI enthusiasts seeking to advance AI. Representing the next generation of pioneers in emerging technology, he has already made profound contributions to AI and machine learning through his ventures. A specialist in business growth, Toby illuminates organisations on how to leverage AI for innovation, helping them to replace intensive time-consuming processes with industry-approved AGILE principles. Available to hire as a speaker, Toby eloquently talks about generative AI, machine learning and deep learning.

To enquire about Toby White for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0207 1010 553.