Yonah Welker

Founder & Former CEO of HardwareTech and Expert & Explorer for Forbes Technology Counci

  • Founder and Former CEO of LikeHack
  • Expert and Explorer for the World Economic Forum, Singularity University, 500 Startups

Yonah Welker stands as a paragon in the rapidly evolving world of technology and artificial intelligence. With a deep-rooted passion for exploring the intricate labyrinth of algorithms and a firm commitment to bringing human-centered technologies to the forefront, Yonah has carved a unique niche for himself in the global tech arena. His mission transcends merely understanding the digital wave; he aims to reshape how nations, cities, and entire ecosystems harness the potential of algorithms and emerging technologies, ensuring they align with human values and needs.

Having honed his expertise at the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yonah’s credentials are not only profound but also versatile. In 2005, he embarked on a groundbreaking journey, laying the foundation for HardwareTech, a multifaceted venture that encompassed a media platform, a tech laboratory, and a forward-thinking think tank. Under his leadership and CEO and Founder of HardwareTech, it became a beacon of innovation, paving the way for cutting-edge hardware technology and devices. Furthermore, Yonah’s venture into the domain of big data through LikeHack underlined his ability to stay ahead of technological trends, offering tailored content curation and personalisation solutions in an increasingly data-driven era.

However, his contributions are not limited to entrepreneurial undertakings. Yonah’s insights and expertise have been recognised and sought after by global institutions. As an Expert and Explorer for renowned bodies such as the World Economic Forum, Singularity University, and Forbes Technology Council, he has influenced key decision-makers and innovators. His advisory roles for ventures like BeMe.ai and the Global AI Summit underline his dedication to fostering the growth and ethical implications of AI technologies.

But what truly distinguishes Yonah is his prowess as a keynote speaker. With over 60 eloquent addresses at esteemed platforms, including the AI Summit and Horasis Summit, he has illuminated audiences worldwide. His speeches resonate with a universal message: the importance of algorithmic diversity, the urgency to address the exclusion crisis, and the pivotal role social technologies can play in our rapidly digitising world. Today, as we stand on the precipice of an AI-driven revolution, voices like Yonah’s are paramount. To hire Yonah Welker is to bring in a speaker who transcends the mundane, offering insights that are both profound and actionable. In the realm of AI and digital disruption, Yonah Welker is, undoubtedly, a luminary.

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