Zack Kass

Head of GTM at OpenAI & Former Vice President of Revenue at Lilt

  • Former Advisor at Lilt
  • Former Director of Enterprise Sales at Mixpanel
  • Former VP of Sales and Customer Success at Figure Eight

Zack Kass is Head of GTM at OpenAI, one of the leading generative AI companies, responsible for pioneering ChatGPT, GPT-4 and DALLE 2. A highly innovative thinker, Zack is a seasoned AI strategy advisor, regularly in contact with Fortune 1000 C-suite politicians, global leaders and policymakers. Advocating for the responsible use of AI, Zack believes the future is brighter with the integration of ethical AI. Now available to hire as a speaker, Zack charms audiences with his eloquence on generative AI.

An alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley, Zach, holds a BA in History. Able to solve complex problems using ground-breaking solutions, he decided to pursue a career in the tech industry. Zack started his career as a Senior Accounts Executive at Figure Eight, an Appen company providing machine learning and business solutions. He became Director of Sales at Figure Eight in 2012 before being elevated to VP of Sales and Customer Success in 2013.

In 2015 Zack became the Director of Enterprise Sales at Mixpanel, an events analytics platform helping clients such as Uber, Yelp, Zalora, BuzzFeed and eToro understand consumer interactions with their digital products and company. Following that, he joined Lilt, an AI solution for enterprise translation company, working with prominent organisations, including ASICS, Intel, WalkMe and Canva, as Advisor. Shortly after, he became VP of Revenue at Lilt before joining OpenAI as Head of GTM in 2021.

With a proven track record in driving business growth using emerging technologies, Zack is at the forefront of AI research and development. Responsible for managing relationships with partners, customers and investors, Zack plays an integral part in developing and implementing OpenAI’s go-to-market strategy, actively shaping the use of generative AI across industries. Identifying new opportunities and driving growth in AI, Zack delivers impactful presentations on future applications and implications of AI. Book Zack Kass now!

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