Ethical AI Speakers

As the field of artificial intelligence advances, experts are raising ethical concerns. Ethics play a crucial role in ensuring humans keep promises, tell the truth and help people in need. Artificial intelligence aims to mimic human intelligence, so it must comply with ethics to positively impact society. As ethical issues mount, experts on ethical AI have emerged to guide the moral adoption of AI in society, with almost 80% of executives ready to embed ethical AI into companies globally.

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Adrian Weller

Director of Institutional Research at the University of Cambridge & Programme Director for Artificial Intelligence at The Alan Turing Institute

Andreas Dengel

Executive Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence & Distinguished Professor of Computer Science

Anka Reuel

Graduate Research Assistant at the Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Anne-Marie Imafidon

Co-Founder & CEO of Stemettes, Co-Founder of the Outbox Incubator & Charity Director of Stemettes Futures

Ayanna Howard

C-Founder & Board Member of Zyrobotics & Appointed to the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee

Ayesha Khanna

Co-Founder & CEO of Addo & Strategic Advisor on AI

Beena Ammanath

Technology Trust Ethics Leader at Deloitte, Founder of Human for AI & Author of 'Trustworthy AI'

Calum Chace

Co-Founder of The Economic Singularity Foundation & Best-Selling Author

Carissa Véliz

Associate Professor at the Institute for Ethics in AI & Fellow at the University of Oxford, Author of 'Privacy Is Power' & Recipient of the 2021 Herbert A. Simon's Award for Outstanding Research in Computing & Philosophy

Dame Wendy Hall

Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton & Co-Chair of the UK Government’s Artificial Intelligence Review

Daniel Hulme

Chief AI Officer for WPP & four-time TEDx Speaker

Due to artificial intelligence’s ability to mimic human intelligence, it can fall victim to unethical scenarios. From exploiting data to spreading misinformation, ethical AI experts work hard to reduce the negative impact of artificial intelligence. As 39% of people in the UK have experienced at least two types of AI that resulted in ethical issues, these statistics highlight the critical work of ethical AI experts.

From the world’s first AI Ethics Officer, Kay Firth-Butterfield, to the co-founder of the Web Science Research Initiative, Professor Dame Wendy Hall, don’t miss your opportunity to hire a world-leading ethical AI speaker today!